Abstract art rugs: what are they? How to choose the right models for your interior design project?

Abstract art rugs are witnesses to a long history, rooted in various cultures and traditions, and represent one of the highest expressions of this fascinating textile art. they are appreciated above all for their aesthetic appearance. in abstract art rugs, the imagination of designers ranges from the simplest patterns to departures from tradition. to rugs of the highest quality and destined to last for a very long time.

Animal rugs: what do they look like? Why include them in a furnishing project?

Animal rugsare a very interesting decorative element, which can be used when one is called upon to furnish a space with a contemporary style and wants to transform it into an environment with a decisive and original character. The piece must be considered the focal point of the environment and the rest of the furnishings must be chosen to be in harmony with the model of the artefact that has been chosen.

Area rug on top of carpet: how to do it? What are the best tips?

Area rug on top of carpet is an original way to renew the decor of the room with a simple but effective intervention. Textile artefacts placed on top of carpet are also appreciated for their ability to break up the monotony of the floor covering. It is essential to consider the desired furnishing style to create a coherent and harmonious environment

Art area rugs, all you need to know

Art area rugs are an excellent way to enhance lively colors in your space and generate designs. Artisan rugs, aka “art rugs,” manufactured by iconic artists, are the top way to accomplish a stunning interior. There are several means to beautify with art area rugs around the home.

Boho rug: what are its characteristics? How to match it to different interiors?

Boho rug is a great solution if you want to add personality to the furnishings of your home with little effort. The aesthetics of a boho rug is probably the most distinctive element, i.e. the one that most strikes the observer. Since these carpets have a look that does not go unnoticed, they can also be used to visually separate various areas in large rooms and open-plan homes.

Carpet with pattern: how to choose the right model for your furnishing style?

Carpet with pattern is always a good choice to enrich the decor of your home or, more generally, your interior design. you have to carefully select the patterns and colours to be used in your home. These aspects of the carpet have a strong influence on how the room will look and can give the room a very special style. Carpet with patterns can really add a unique touch to the room

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