7 tips for choosing designer rugs [Step by step guide to choosing a designer rug]

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7 tips for choosing designer rugs [Step by step guide to choosing a designer rug]

Designer rugs can revolutionize the look of a room, but the right model in relation to the specific need should always be chosen with great care.

From the most obvious aspects – such as size, colors and design – to the most hidden ones – such as the rules to follow for maintenance and the most correct positioning, here are some tips to avoid mistakes when you decide to furnish your home with a designer rug.

1. Choose a design that is consistent with the style of the furniture 

The range of designer rugs includes an infinite number of different models, made with a unique combination of materials, designs and colors. When deciding to furnish your home with a designer rug, you should carefully check that there is a good balance between the furniture and the rug itself. If the style of the furniture and the style of the rug are consistent with each other, both will be strengthened and the room will look neat and elegant.

2. The right proportions are the best solution 

More than reasoning on a large rug or a small rug, when you are considering several solutions to furnish the room it is appropriate to focus on the correct proportions between the elements. In this sense, the width of the room should be evaluated, but also what surrounds it. Structural elements such as stairs, partitions or the proximity of imposing furniture can affect the way the room looks and therefore affect the characteristics that the ideal designer rug should have.

7 tips for choosing designer rugs [Step by step guide to choosing a designer rug]

3. Do not underestimate the floor 

When reasoning about the choice of the most suitable designer rug, it is quite common to focus on the size of the room and the style of the furniture present, letting the floor take a back seat. On the contrary, a perfect result cannot be achieved without careful consideration of the combination of flooring and luxury rugs. 

A very close relationship will be created between the floor and the rug, as a result of which each element can be strengthened (or weakened) by the other. As is often the case when it comes to interior design, balance is the key to achieving a great result. In the presence of a particular floor, the design of the rug will have to be selected carefully, to let the former be properly enhanced. In the event that you have chosen to use a uniform floor throughout the house, parquet or natural stone, you can assign the design rugs the task of bringing color and personality to the rooms. 

4. Where is it better to place the rug? 

Compared to classic models, designer rugs offer more opportunities to decorate the space. In fact, a designer rug can become a stand-alone piece of furniture, which can be placed in the center of the room or off-center. To bring out the aesthetics of the model, you could also think of not covering it with furniture, but let the beauty of the design stand out fully. 

Design rugs should be interpreted as true works of art. From this point of view, you can also decide to fix the luxury rugs in one of the walls of the room.

5. Yes to customization

Custom design rugs are the key to feeling comfortable in different spaces in your home. Through a custom design you can define in detail the desired characteristics of the rugs and find the best solution to enhance the qualities of different rooms in your home. 

Having custom designed rugs, designed with your own tastes and desires in mind, helps you to build a decor that reflects your idea of interior design and makes your home unique and inimitable.

7 tips for choosing designer rugs [Step by step guide to choosing a designer rug]

6. How will the rug be used in the house?

When choosing a designer rug, one should not only consider its aesthetic aspects, but also how it will be used in everyday life. Considering the different occasions of use and the characteristics of those who frequent the house can help you make the right choice. If there are pets or small children in the home, for example, rugs that may pose a safety risk to them should be avoided, such as longhaired or fringed models

7. Proper maintenance helps to preserve the beauty of the designer rug

Caring for your luxury rug is essential to preserve the beauty and quality of your rug. When choosing a designer model, planning a regular maintenance becomes even more important, in order not to damage the rug and to preserve the luxurious and elegant look of the rug for a long time. 

In addition to adopting a good cleaning routine and planning a periodic professional intervention, it is useful to understand how to behave in some special cases. For example, in order to prevent natural light from damaging the rug or the floor, it may be necessary to move it regularly, while in other circumstances you may decide to remove the rug in the summer months. In this case, the designer rug should be rolled up carefully and stored so as not to damage the fibers.

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