The monochromatic rug: a complete guide to choosing the ideal model

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The monochromatic rug: a complete guide to choosing the ideal model

Deciding to furnish home environments with a monochromatic rug has several advantages, but more than in other cases it is necessary to identify the right rug only after considering the context in which the rug will fit.

Without this kind of evaluation, focusing on a carpet of a single color could weaken the decor of the room instead of improving its appearance as luxury carpets do.

3 good reasons to choose a monochromatic rug

Those who choose a monochromatic rug do so mainly because they appreciate the ability of this type of artifact to catch the eye. In fact, the carpet looks like a kind of island of color within the room and naturally attracts attention. For an optimal result, it is essential that the carpet stands out from the other elements of the room. In this sense, the choice of the desired color shade is crucial.

Monochrome carpets are perfect when you want to decorate the room with a contemporary and minimalist style. The choice of including in the house a carpet of a single color actually deviates from tradition. In fact, a common feature of both Persian and Berber rugs is the use of multiple colored yarns. Using more than one color has allowed for the creation of elaborate and very detailed designs, while the use of a single color enhances the characteristics of the carpet by focusing on the essentiality of the design.

Monochrome luxury carpets maintain the same characteristics of quality and robustness as models with more elaborate designs. There are no differences in terms of materials used, processing techniques or maintenance. The only difference is in the aesthetics, which is a strength of monochrome carpets and an opportunity for those involved in interior design.

How to choose the right monochrome carpet?

When you choose to furnish a room with a monochrome carpet, you have to evaluate very carefully the context in which the piece will fit and make sure that the chosen color manages to enhance the other elements in the room. And that, in turn, is reinforced.

Before buying a monochromatic carpet, you should first consider the type of floor in the room, the color and style of the furniture. The risk is that the carpet takes a back seat and does not stand out as it should. A white carpet on a light-colored ceramic floor, for example, would almost appear as camouflaged, and therefore unable to express its potential. In general, therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the color of the floor and that of the carpet have a good contrast.

A similar point can be made in relation to the furniture. A good contrast and a good balance between the colors of the main protagonists of the furniture of the room are the basis from which to complete the interior design of the room. In addition to making choices capable of adequately enhancing the carpet, it is also necessary to avoid that the final effect is chaotic. In the living area, for example, if there are sofas and armchairs in several colors, it is necessary to focus on a carpet with a neutral color or on a model of a color that belongs to a palette that ensures a certain harmony.

To enhance the centrality of the carpet, you can insert details and furnishings that reflect the chosen shade. Curtains, lamps, paintings and other accessories are great ideas to create custom solutions and effect.

The monochromatic rug: a complete guide to choosing the ideal model

What are the best colors for a monochrome carpet

Choosing the color of the monochrome carpet is undoubtedly the most important and most delicate moment. The color is the real protagonist of the furniture project and is a bit of a gear that allows the operation of all other components of the design of the room.

In addition to considering the floor and furniture, you can start from the meanings of individual colors and then possibly adjust their intensity, choosing more or less saturated colors.

Cool colors inspire confidence, tranquility and calm. They are optimal solutions for the rooms of the house dedicated to well-being and relaxation, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. On the contrary, warm colors convey energy and passion and are best suited for the living area of the house. In interior design you can instead focus on neutral colors when you want to emphasize the elegance and harmony of the environment.

The use of monochrome carpets is a growing trend, especially in interior design projects that are inspired by contemporary styles. This is the case with Nordic design, in which furniture with minimal lines and the use of neutral colors is preferred. But it is also the case with styles that make intense use of colors, as is the case with furniture inspired by pop art. Through the use of a single color, the carpet becomes the focal point of the room and, by extension, also puts the furniture and accessories around it center stage. And this is especially true when we’re talking about a monochromatic rug.

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