How to choose a luxury carpet

Luxury rugs Oct 29.2020

how to choose a luxury carpet

Colour, shape and materials are just some of the aspects to be taken into consideration when deciding which rug will furnish your home.

To make the right choice you must also take into account the style of the house, the size and type of room that will house the rug. But it is above all the sensations and emotions you want to arouse that should guide your choice.

The choice process can take a long time, but the care and time dedicated to finding the perfect rug will certainly be rewarded by the purchase of a refined and unique element, which will become the added value of the furniture.

The carpet in the centre of the scene

In houses furnished with care and with a certain style, luxury carpets have the opportunity to express their full potential. These masterpieces of textile art take the stage, becoming the protagonists of new furniture projects or ideally complementing the existing furniture of a specific room. 

When making the choice, there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration. The most important is the predominant style of the room, we could say the “mood” that you breathe when you enter that domestic environment. A classic style is combined with a rug of canonical dimensions and with colours and patterns so to speak traditional. Houses furnished in minimalist, industrial or Nordic style leave much more freedom of action. Light-coloured furniture is a kind of white canvas that allows you to play with tones and lines, almost without constraints. 

In addition to the furnishing style and the final result you want to achieve, you must also take into account the space to be allocated to the carpet. Depending on the room and the intended use for what will be the main piece of furniture, you can opt for a carpet of small, medium or large size. Designers are able to create real works of art even in very small spaces. This is their skill.

Playing with shapes can often be the winning move to create a truly unique furnishing project. Traditional rectangular carpets give way to alternative shapes, which take inspiration from the world of nature, geometry or are direct expression of the creativity of the Designers themselves. Flowers, petals, circles and rhombuses are ready to give additional value to the floors and walls of the most exclusive homes.

Patterns and geometries capable of creating a magical atmosphere

The choice of colours and patterns of the carpet is worth special attention. The rug is a piece of furniture that will keep us company for quite a long time, so it is good to carefully weigh up the possibilities available. 

Rows and geometries with contrasting colours are the most immediate solution to create an impact result. But you can also give personality to the room by focusing on a carpet with shaded colours or patterns in which the use of different materials and weaves gives an extremely pleasant optical effect. 

Those who do not like bright colours can choose rugs made with undyed fabrics for their home. In this case, Designers select wools and yarns that have dyes available in nature and combine them with great skill to create carpets with great charm. A solution of this kind is ideal especially when homeowners combine the principles of sustainability and respect for nature. Choosing only natural and untreated fabrics for their home is a choice that is convincing more and more people. And luxury carpets are able to fully meet these needs.

The perfect carpet for every room

A warm carpet to be placed at the sides of the bed, a wide model that extends over the entire surface of the living room floor, one to be placed under the dining table. Each room needs a custom-made rug that best reflects the needs of the person living in the house and its guests. 

These different needs have an impact on the choice of materials – a warm wool for the bedroom is best, while a silk fabric for a fine rug to be displayed in the living room, perhaps on the wall – and on the definition of the measurements. 

Every furnishing project must be personalised to the maximum, to reflect the taste of the owners of the home and to create an environment in which they can “feel at home”. Let yourself be inspired by the Nodus Rug carpet collection and imagine what the carpets could be to give a new look to the rooms you live in every day.

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