Thin washable rugs: what are they like? How to use them to furnish rooms in a house? [Complete guide].

Materials and techniques Nov 24.2023
thin washable rugs

thin washable rugs are a resource with great potential, which can prove to be the perfect solution for furnishing rooms such as staircases, hallways and corridors.

The fact that these models can be easily washed, either in a washing machine or by a professional service, is a considerable point in favour of thin washable rugs. When considering using them in home furnishings, the focus should be on the choice of materials and design.

What are all the advantages of using thin washable rugs?

Furnishing with rugs adds style, comfort and warmth to the home. But it must also be said that it is inevitable that rugs will pick up dust in the home and can become stained if food, paint or other substances get on them and get between the fibres.

Those who want to benefit from all the advantages of rugs without having to worry about the disadvantages can consider buying thin washable rugs. The reduced thickness of these models reduces the surface area on which dust and dirt can be deposited, while the use of washable materials makes it easy to remove stains.

The most interesting aspect of  thin washable rugs is the fact that they require little maintenance. Dealing with these textiles, especially if they are large or if they are present in every room in the home, can be time-consuming and demanding. Choosing thin rugs made of washable material simplifies the process considerably, because the patterns can be kept clean with little effort.

For the production of these rugs, materials are used that can be treated in a washing machine, either with a special programme or for delicate items, or with special machines. The reduced thickness of the items means that they dry quickly, so that they can be placed back on the floor after a few hours. When washing rugs, it is essential to dry them thoroughly to prevent residual moisture from damaging the fibres or encouraging the development of mould.

thin washable rugs

How to find the right  thin washable rugs for your individual decorating needs?

When choosing a thin washable carpet for your home, it is a good idea to check that its size and style fits in with the space and interior design. To make this check, several aspects should be considered and balanced.

Firstly, it is necessary to keep in mind the style chosen for the furniture in each room of the house. If the furniture has a modern style, one can consider thin washable rugs with a geometric or abstract design. If, on the other hand, the room has a more traditional feel, it is a good idea to go for items with Persian-inspired decorative motifs .

Secondly, it is essential to assess the appropriate size of the carpet. To make the final decision, it is always good to consider the location you want to give the carpet, but also the type of room you want to furnish. In a living room, for example, a large piece can be placed, making sure that it does not get in the way. In entrances and corridors, it is important to select a carpet that fits the space available, leaving a free edge at the sides to allow doors to open and close.

Also not to be forgotten is the importance of choosing the right carpet colours. These should match the furnishings in the room, but also convey the right messages and help to lighten or fill the room as needed.

To find the right thin washable carpet, it is also necessary to consider that these are versatile models that can be made of different materials, either natural or synthetic. Those wishing to make a sustainable choice may consider purchasing a textile made of cotton or jute, while those looking for a durable and waterproof piece that can also be used outdoors may consider polypropylene or polyester models.

thin washable rugs

What are the best materials for making thin washable rugs?

There are several materials that can be used to make thin washable rugs. In the production of these models, you can choose to use a single material or make a mix of different fibres.

The most common solutions used are cotton and jute, among the vegetable materials, and polyester and polypropylene among the synthetic materials. For the interior of the house, it is generally preferred to use a vegetable fibre, which is better suited to the space and more practical to use.

The fibres, left in their natural colour or dyed, are usually woven to form a thin but compact carpet, or woven to reduce thickness to a minimum. Artisans can resort to various processing techniques to create original patterns that are extremely practical to use.

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