Luxury rugs: how do you choose a top-quality carpet for your interior design?

Luxury rugs Jun 22.2023
Luxury rugs

Luxury rugs are an unavoidable presence in the most elegant of rooms and strike the eye with their careful interior design.

The aspects that differentiate luxury models from lesser quality ones  are numerous and range from the materials used to the design, via the processing methods adopted and the final appearance of the product.

What makes Luxury rugs so special?

The first element that characterises Luxury rugs is their exclusive design . They are often made by renowned designers who, with the help of skilled craftsmen, manage to create unique pieces of enormous charm. The luxury models are handmade, which means that each one has characteristics that set it apart from all others.

What is more, Luxury rugs can easily be customised in shape, size or colour, so that they are perfect for satisfying the tastes of even the most discerning customers and to achieve an optimal result in any environment.

Luxury rugs

By looking at the most beautiful Luxury rugs, it is possible to make an excursion into all the possible designs that these products can take on. They range from oriental carpets, which catch the eye due to their rich colours and elaborate floral and geometric patterns, to modern, more sober designs characterised by the use of neutral colours and less conspicuous decorative motifs. 

In addition to their exclusive design, what makes carpets of such high quality special is their exceptional ability to blend seamlessly into any space. In the home, the ability to decorate rooms can be exploited to make dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms unique. In contract environments, the lobbies and common areas of hotels, the entrances of the most prestigious restaurants and the interiors of boutiques or jewellers can be embellished with custom-made Luxury rugs.

How to use Luxury rugs in interior design? In which rooms of the house should they be placed? Which style to choose?

The task of Luxury rugs is to add elegance and comfort to the room, acting as a glue between the different furnishing elements in the room. Depending on where they are placed and how they look, these carpets can completely change the look of the space, whatever it is.

For the best result, it is necessary to check that the carpet fits the room, either in terms of style or the materials used. A luxury silk carpet with a floral pattern, for example, would be perfect for the bedroom, while a wool carpet with a geometric design would be ideal for a living room furnished with modern furniture.

Luxury rugs

As far as style is concerned, one can choose both traditional and modern Luxury rugs. If you want to give the room a contemporary look and want to focus on understated elegance, it is advisable to furnish it with a luxury carpet in neutral colours whose design is tone in tone with the colour of the furniture, the floor or the walls. On the other hand, those who want to give a more classic feel to their d├ęcor can opt for a luxury carpet with a floral or geometric pattern, echoing the textures and colours of Persian carpets or with more Western influences.

While the choice of design is crucial, it is equally important to know how to choose the right size of carpet. To do this, it is necessary to consider, on the one hand, the size of the room and, on the other hand, the existing furnishings.

What are the best materials for a luxury carpet?

Luxury rugs

High and very high quality carpets can be made from the most diverse materials. In order to be able to choose the right material, it is useful to take into account the result you want to achieve and the purpose the carpet should fulfil.

If you need a decorative product to be placed on the floor in a room frequented by several people, wool is the most suitable solution. The strength and durability of the material allows the carpet to be used for years and to appreciate both its aesthetic and practical characteristics.

Those who want to use Luxury rugs as if they were a work of art to hang on the wall can consider more delicate materials such as silk or viscose.

If, on the other hand, the interior design project is geared towards sustainability and the search for furnishings that are both luxurious and environmentally friendly, models made of natural yarns such as cotton, sisal, jute, hemp and so on can be considered. Each of these materials of plant origin has unique characteristics and is more suited to certain spaces in the home than others. Luxury cotton carpets, for example, are great for living rooms and bedrooms, while sisal and jute models are perfect for smaller spaces such as entrance halls or hallways.

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