The 10 distinctive characteristics of luxury rugs

Luxury rugs Feb 25.2022

The 10 distinctive characteristics of luxury rugs

Luxury rugs make the spaces they decorate comfortable, give the rooms a warm and welcoming atmosphere and can make all the difference, giving a touch of authentic class to an already prestigious decor.

Various elements contribute to the uniqueness of luxury rugs, including materials, manufacturing processes and design.

Specifically, what are the characteristics of a high or very high quality product? We have selected ten of them and grouped them in the list below.

1. Luxury rugs are made from selected natural materials

The quality of the materials used in the creation of luxury rugs strongly influences the appearance of the carpet and its ability to furnish rooms with great refinement. In the production of luxury rugs are used high quality wool, obtained from spinning the fleece of animals – such as sheep, camels, goats or llamas – or silk threads, delicate and strong at the same time. For the production of the finest rugs, strong and durable yarns are selected, which enable the rugs to maintain their appearance for a long time.

2. Luxury rugs are safe for the whole family

The safety of luxury rugs is often underestimated. High quality rugs are safe both from the point of view of accident prevention and health. Choosing high quality rugs for your home, with a compact design and non-slip backing, reduces the risk of tripping and hurting yourself. If there are elderly people, children and pets in the house, it is important to be concerned about choosing a rug that is stable and does not have any risk elements such as bangs. Due to the use of hypoallergenic materials such as wool and ease of cleaning, luxury rugs are also safe for allergy sufferers.

3. Rugs are easy to maintain

Compared to cheap rugs, luxury rugs require less maintenance and have a significantly longer lifespan. The colors and appearance of the carpet are preserved for a long time, without the need for any special maintenance other than regular cleaning with a gentle vacuum cleaner.

4. Luxury rugs increase their value over time

Have you ever thought that a carpet can become a profitable investment? For designer rugs, it can happen that the value increases over time. So, in addition to benefiting from a comfortable and beautiful artifact, you can proudly display a work of art created by designers who are internationally celebrated. If the rug is a custom-made model, then, the investment can appreciate even faster.

5. Luxury rugs are often seen as works of art

Luxury items are not only functional, but also aesthetically of great quality. The most original creations of designers are of such value that they are potential museum pieces. For those who love the world of art, being able to have such models in the home is a privilege not to be missed.

The 10 distinctive characteristics of luxury rugs

6. You can choose from a wide variety of designs

Luxury rugs are available in many different designs, able to satisfy both those who want to furnish their home with a carpet inspired by the oriental world and those who prefer a minimalist or contemporary design. Thanks to the customization, then, it is always possible to request a custom rug, designed specifically for your home.

7. You can furnish your home with unique works of art from famous designers

One of the most obvious advantages of luxury rugs is that you can have a carpet in your home that has been designed by famous designers and made from high quality materials by experienced craftsmen. For example, Nodus collaborates with some of the most famous contemporary designers in the world: browsing through the catalog of their works is very inspiring and allows you to appreciate the many faces that a high quality product can take.

8. Every type of environment can become truly unique thanks to custom-made luxury rugs

Every home is unique and equally unique should be the furniture chosen to enhance and decorate its spaces. Custom-made luxury rugs make it easy to achieve this goal and enrich home environments with a special product, created specifically for the individual project. When you choose a bespoke rug, you have total control of the product and can define all its characteristics, starting with the size and materials, and continuing with the colors, design and all the smallest details.

9. Hand-knotted rugs have an unmistakable design

It is impossible to talk about luxury rugs without mentioning the manufacturing techniques used in their production. The most traditional-looking rugs are made by knotting the threads a million times around the warp stretched on a loom. Depending on the quality of the yarn used, the knots can be more or less dense, resulting in rugs with varying densities and designs.

10. Hand tufted rugs combine design and practicality

Hand tufting is a more modern technique, which is used in the production of some luxury rugs with a contemporary design. In this case, the threads are not knotted by hand, but fixed on a canvas, with the help of a special gun or hook. The rugs obtained with this technique are softer than the traditional ones, can have very original designs and are obtained with less processing time.

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