Luxury rugs and curtains: how to match them?

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Luxury rugs and curtains how to match them

Finding the right combination of luxury rugs and curtains can radically change the look of rooms in the house. Used in synergy, these two pieces of furniture can make rooms appear larger and brighter, or they can give a definite personality to the rooms. Here are some tips on how to combine luxury rugs and curtains for a stunning result.

Where to start when matching carpets and curtains

When choosing luxury carpets and curtains for the home, the first thing to think about is the type of room they will be placed in. The choices and considerations to be made will in fact be different in the case of a living room or a bedroom. The living room is often the leading room in the house, the one where the boldest furniture choices are made and the space where guests are welcomed. Carpets and curtains are the stars in this room and must work in concert with the furniture to convey the full value of the space. In the bedroom, on the other hand, the atmosphere is more intimate and cozy. Consequently, carpets and curtains will also be more discreet and should be chosen in shades that encourage rest and tranquility.

The amount of light in the different rooms of the house also affects the process of choosing carpets and curtains. In a brightly-lit room you may decide to insert luxury rugs and curtains in neutral tones, to amplify even more the feeling of light that floods the room, or opt for textiles in darker colors, which balance the overall brightness of the room. On the contrary, in a room with little light it is preferable to use luxury carpets and curtains in light colors and avoid dark ones that could darken the space.

It should always be remembered that luxury rugs and curtains are part of a larger decorating scheme. These items should complement the furniture and other accessories in the room. Considering the style of furniture chosen for the house is therefore essential. For a house furnished in a classic style, opting for neutral rugs and curtains or traditional designs is an almost obligatory choice. Similarly, for a contemporary home it is preferable to choose luxury carpets of contemporary art, embellished with curtains that recall the pattern or colors.

Which curtains to match with luxury rugs?

It is precisely on the colors that much of the game is played. When it comes to choosing the curtains and rugs to use for the room identifying the most suitable shade for the space really makes a difference. Neutral tones, those ranging from white to taupe, cream and beige, can be adapted to most styles and environments. These colors are just as suitable in the living area as in the sleeping area and help to build a refined, delicate and cozy space.

To give personality to rooms with white walls and furniture, you can choose carpets and curtains in bright colors. Carpet and curtains can have the same color shade, but for an even more harmonious result you can choose textiles of complementary colors. Carpets with a prevalence of warm colors can be balanced with curtains of cold tones: the complementary color of red, for example, is green, while the mirror color of yellow is purple. A blue rug, on the other hand, is an ideal match for orange curtains.

In case you choose rugs with graphic patterns or elaborate designs, finding the perfect match with curtains becomes even more important to enhance the look of the rug. In a room of this type you can insert curtains with a similar pattern or opt for neutral curtains with slightly transparent fabrics, which end up illuminating the carpet and let it play the leading role.

The choice of the type of curtain to be inserted in the room also contributes to define the overall look of the room. In addition to the traditional drapery curtains that cover the entire wall from ceiling to floor, you can adopt more original and versatile solutions such as panel curtains. This solution is especially suitable in spaces where you have opted for a Japanese-inspired or contemporary-style decor.

For rooms where there is a need for thermal insulation, luxury wool carpets and thermal curtains are the best choices. Both of these solutions insulate the home environment, providing warmth in the winter time and ensuring coolness in the summer months.

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