Bamboo silk rugs: how to choose them according to your decor?

Materials and techniques Nov 08.2022
Bamboo silk rugs

Bamboo silk rugs are perfect for those in search of an environmentally friendly , durable and versatile luxury carpet.

These rugs have become particularly popular in recent years, partly due to the growing awareness of sustainable, ethically produced and environmentally friendly interior design solutions.

In addition to meeting all these requirements, a bamboo silk carpet can also furnish various types of interiors in a very elegant way. For example, both interiors for which furniture with classic lines has been chosen and rooms with contemporary furniture.

What is there to know about bamboo silk rugs?

Bamboo silk rugs are made from a very thin and strong yarn, which is obtained by processing cellulose, which in turn is obtained from bamboo reeds. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to obtain viscose yarn, so much so that bamboo silk is sometimes referred to as a special version of viscose itself.

The yarn obtained from bamboo reeds has characteristics similar to those of silk obtained from silkworms: it has a natural lustre, is very soft and fine and has a very high degree of strength. Unlike silk of animal origin, however, it is more economical, thus making it possible to also create rugs made of 100% bamboo silk. Above all, the yarn obtained from bamboo is more sustainable, making this type of carpet the perfect solution for ecologically and environmentally conscious interior design projects.

What are the indispensable advantages of bamboo silk rugs?

Choosing bamboo silk rugs to furnish your home can radically transform the look of your rooms. Indeed, living rooms, living rooms and bedrooms that are furnished with a bamboo silk carpet convey great elegance and a strong sense of warmth.

Besides its luxurious appearance, bamboo silk also has important physical and chemical properties, which make it safe to use throughout the home. In fact, it is a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial yarn that is also ideal for children and allergy sufferers.

Bamboo silk is one of the most versatile natural materials. Bamboo fibres absorb colour easily and retain it very well. This makes it possible to create beautiful multicoloured rugs that can be used to decorate all rooms in the house.

The wide variety of colours in which the fibres are available and the ease with which bamboo silk can be processed mean that carpet designs of the most varied styles can be created. Alongside contemporary design models, we find rugs with patterns inspired by classic Oriental artefacts, as well as models with abstract designs and rugs with geometric and floral motifs.

It is possible to purchase or have custom-made rugs made from a yarn composed of 100 per cent bamboo silk fibres or a mix of wool and bamboo silk. While the former is perfect for a decorative rug to be hung on the wall, the latter is most common for rugs to be placed on the floor.

Typically, a percentage of bamboo wool of around 30% is used. In this way, it is possible to take full advantage of the qualities of both bamboo wool and bamboo silk, resulting in a luxury carpet that is durable, strong and very elegant.

Bamboo silk rugs

How to furnish rooms with bamboo silk rugs without making mistakes?

Although it is a durable fibre, if you have chosen a carpet made with a high percentage of bamboo silk, it is preferable to use it in rooms of the house with little traffic, for example in bedrooms. Wool and bamboo silk rugs, on the other hand, are also perfect in busier rooms such as the living room or lounge.

However, to avoid damaging the surface of bamboo silk rugs and crushing the fibres of their pile, it is best not to place the pieces under heavy furniture such as sideboards, tables or sofas.

If you are considering furnishing your home with bamboo silk rugs, you should also bear in mind that this material absorbs water and liquids very quickly and tends to stain quite easily. Therefore, preference should be given to the driest rooms in the house and rooms where there is less risk of water, wine, coffee, etc. being spilled.

Since this type of silk has a natural shiny finish, items made from this yarn are perfect for all rooms that need a touch of shine. In particular, if the aim is to brighten up the room, it is advisable to choose a piece with a light-coloured pile. On the other hand, if you want a room with a cosy atmosphere, bamboo silk rugs in warm colours are the most suitable choice.

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