How to brighten up a room with a brightly coloured rug

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How to brighten up a room with a brightly coloured rug

Rugs define the character of a room, and this is even more evident when you choose to furnish your home with a brightly coloured rug. This can brighten up the atmosphere of a room when you decide to do a little redecorating. Or it can precisely define the tone of the room in a large new project.

How can you take advantage of all the benefits of brightly coloured carpets?

If you want to give your room a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, a brightly coloured luxury carpet is the quickest way to achieve this. Choosing a carpet with a geometric design or graphic patterns that combine several shades of colour largely solves the problem of giving personality to large rooms or rooms with light-coloured furniture.

As well as capturing the attention of those in the room, a brightly coloured carpet can make the light, neutral tones in the room stand out. This makes fluorescent or intense colours ideal for homes furnished in a Nordic style or in minimalist homes with predominantly white or light wood furniture.

Every room in the house can be brightened up and made into a focal point through the use of colour. As well as being used in living rooms and bedrooms, luxury carpets in bright and intense colours can also enhance certain corners of the home that would otherwise be in the shadows.

For example, a brightly coloured carpet is a great way to highlight a long hallway. Or it can be a way to bring a little warmth and verve to the entrance area of the house. A large, colourful carpet is also useful for decorating the terrace or veranda outside the house. Outdoor spaces are often areas of the house reserved for rest or hobbies. Choosing artefacts with colours that express energy and well-being for these areas is a good way to stimulate the atmosphere there.

Rug and colour take centre stage

Often, a few small touches are all that is needed to brighten up a room and to make the carpet stand out. When placing the piece in a room that is already furnished, it is important to ensure that there is a balance between the different colours in the room.

To achieve a satisfactory result, it can be useful to replace old accessories with new ones that match the colours of the carpet. Choosing matching cushions, vases and other accessories gives a sense of order and harmony, which immediately makes the room more welcoming.

For interior design projects that start from scratch, it is advisable to define the furnishings of the room with the carpet as the centrepiece. This means that the furniture, the colours of the walls and all the other objects that will enter the room will be selected according to the shades and style of the artefact.

When choosing to furnish with a brightly coloured luxury carpet, time and attention should also be paid to the choice of wall colour. It is important to ensure that the colours on the walls do not clash with the colour of the carpet. You can play it safe by choosing to paint the walls white, but you can also highlight your luxury carpet by choosing grey or chocolate colours for the walls. Choosing a colour palette for the whole house from the outset makes the job much easier and guarantees a perfect result in every space.

As a general recommendation, in order to make the carpet’s colours stand out and thus give it a central role in the room’s decor, it is preferable to focus on light colours for the floor, walls and furniture. The use of light colours also visually enlarges the room, giving even more relevance and centrality to the carpet.

The material chosen for the rug also greatly influences the final result. A wool carpet is preferred if the emphasis is on creating a warm and cosy environment. A silk carpet is the ideal choice if the aim is to emphasise the lustre of the room and the exclusivity of the environment.

Brightly coloured rugs are a choice to keep in mind whenever you want to create an eclectic and modern home. They work equally well when placed in the rooms where people pass through most of the house or to brighten up the atmosphere of spaces that are usually less frequented, such as guest rooms or hallways.

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