Custom round rugs : what features do they have? In which interior design projects can they be included?

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Custom round rugs

Although rectangular rugs are often the first choice when it comes to furnishing domestic spaces, custom round rugs are a very interesting solution that should definitely be considered.

Thanks to their elegant and versatile design, these textiles are just as suitable for interior as for outdoor spaces in the home. Moreover, when you decide to customise all the features of the individual piece, you can be sure that it will fit ideally into the space, contributing to the harmony and beauty of the environment.

What are all the advantages of Custom round rugs ?

The adaptability of Custom round rugs  to different spaces in the home is, by far, the main advantage offered by this furnishing solution. Whatever the size of the area to be furnished, a custom-made round carpet always allows the space to be ideally filled.

The circular shape of these artefacts gives the specific location a feeling of dynamism and movement, which is very useful when one wants to liven up, for example, a small corner of the living room or a large outdoor patio.

One can appreciate the qualities of Custom round rugs  especially when one wishes to insert a furnishing element into the space that is capable of breaking up the linearity of the square shapes of the furniture. In this sense, the addition of a round rug, perhaps to accompany round tables or furnishing accessories with soft lines, adds a touch of originality and personality to the entire interior design.

What are the best materials and styles for Custom round rugs ?

Custom round rugs

Custom round rugs  are also very versatile in terms of the materials and designs that can be chosen.

To select the most suitable material, the characteristics of the space to be furnished must first be taken into account. For the outside of the house, for example, it is a good idea to choose a polyester or polypropylene carpet, as it is able to resist the weather and UV rays. Indoors, on the other hand, you can opt for wool, which is warm and durable, cotton, which is cool and versatile, or natural-looking plant fibres, such as sisal or jute, which are perfect when you want to give the space a simple look.

As far as the design of the item is concerned, the possibilities are endless. For a round rug, you can opt for geometric patterns, which are ideal if you want to make the piece the star of the decor. Alternatively, you can choose traditional floral designs, which are perfect for adding a touch of colour to the room. For an absolutely customised result, you can also consider reproducing on the surface of the custom-made carpet  one of your own photographs or a design that you are particularly fond of.

What are the best spaces in the home in which to place Custom round rugs ?

Custom round rugs  can liven up various rooms in the house, but for a wow result, it is advisable to concentrate on only a few rooms, checking in advance that there is sufficient space and that the carpet does not risk being overshadowed by the presence of the other elements decorating the specific room.

Depending on the area of the house in which the area to be furnished is located, the considerations to be made will be different, as will the role played by the carpet. In the living room, for example, a custom-made round carpet is an excellent solution to define the relaxation area. How should one proceed? Simply place it under the coffee table to turn it into the focal point of the room and to give character to a corner that might otherwise be anonymous.

In the living room, you can instead think of a custom-made, large-format round rug, to be placed in front of the sofa or under the dining table. These models are also perfect in a loft: in this case, several Custom round rugs  of different sizes and colours can be placed to define different areas of the living room.

Custom round rugs

In the bedroom, a large round carpet placed at the foot of the bed gives warmth and personality to the room. Alternatively, small rugs can be used as bedside rugs. Especially if you have chosen furniture with straight, rigorous lines, the contrast between the linearity of the furniture and the soft lines of the individual items will be very pleasing.

Another space in the home where it is a good idea to place a custom-made round rug? Well, certainly the entrance hall. Here, the carpet makes a good first impression on guests and helps define the space, conveying style and attention to design.

Outdoors, on the other hand, Custom round rugs  can tastefully furnish a large garden, terrace or patio. Depending on the size of the space to be furnished, one can consider using the chosen piece as a decorative element or it can be combined with other furniture such as armchairs, sofas, benches or chairs.

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