Custom made design rugs: when elegance and refinement are 100% personalized

custom rugsDesign Jan 17.2022

Custom made design rugs: when elegance and refinement are 100% personalized

Bespoke designer rugs  On the other hand, furnishing your home with a customized luxury rug is always a good idea, because this allows you to have a unique piece in your home, as well as of the highest quality.

When you request a custom rug, moreover, you have full control of all phases of the realization of the rug. Let’s see why.

The advantages of custom made design rugs

A designer rug is made through collaboration between designers and experienced craftsmen. In custom designs, the customer is also involved, who can select the desired characteristics of the rug and thus secure a unique model.

You can furnish with a custom design rug every room in the house. Outdoors, designer rugs can become the centerpiece of terraces and gazebos. On the other hand, indoors, custom-made items can go to enrich the decor of the living area or the sleeping area. Even the most interior design challenged spaces of the house, such as bathrooms or hallways, can be enhanced by resorting to a custom designed rug.

When choosing custom rugs, the only limitation is the creativity of clients, decorators and designers. You can combine materials, styles and processing techniques quite freely and experiment with original solutions. Those who request a custom-made rug can also decide to take inspiration from existing rug models, to be adapted to their own reality, or request the realization of an artifact from their own design.

Custom made design rugs: when elegance and refinement are 100% personalized

How is a custom made design rug made?

The process that leads to the realization of custom design rugs consists essentially of three steps. First, a discussion is required between the client and those involved in designing the piece. At this stage, all the features of the rug are discussed, to arrive at defining the look and qualities that the rug should have once made.

Based on the indications regarding the size, shape, colors, material and processing technique that are desired, we move on to the preparation of the draft. Once the final approval of the customer is obtained, the real creation begins, which is entrusted to experienced craftsmen knitters.

The time it takes to create a custom design rug can vary greatly. For the simplest designs, it can take a few weeks, while more complex projects can take up to several months. There are many factors that influence the time it takes to make custom rugs. Some are easily guessed, such as the size of the pattern and the complexity of the design. In principle, making a small rug is faster than making a larger rug. A rug with a simple design also requires less effort from the artisans and can be completed in less time. This is evident to everyone.

Other factors that affect the processing time of custom made design rugs are the processing techniques and type of fiber adopted. Hand tafted and hand woven rugs have faster processing than rugs that require knotting of fibers. Finally, the use of fine fibers, such as silk or high-quality wool, lengthens the processing time.

Custom made design rugs: when elegance and refinement are 100% personalized

Custom made design rugs are customizable in every aspect

Unlike catalog rugs, which offer a design and size chosen by the designer, in luxury custom rugs you can decide all the features of the item. You can therefore decide to request a custom rug when you have special needs, because for example you have to furnish a space that has a non-standard shape or size. Or you may want a custom-made piece when you want to furnish your home environment in an exclusive way, by means of a rug that emphasizes the uniqueness of the space.

The Custom made design rugs allow you to create models of high aesthetic value and with a style that ideally reflects the preferences of the customer. The colors of the rugs can reflect the palette chosen for the furniture and, in the design, the predominant style in the house. Through customization, it is possible to create truly unique models, able to fit into environments furnished in both classic and contemporary styles, so as to adapt to every possible shade of style.

Creativity, stylistic freedom and imagination are the elements to start from in the process of choosing Custom made design rugs. Solutions of this type are recommended every time you need a special piece of furniture that allows you to make the most of the space available.

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