Custom-made outdoor rugs: a guide to customising your outdoor rug

custom rugs Dec 12.2021

Custom-made outdoor rugs a guide to customising your outdoor rug

With custom-made outdoor rugs, you can furnish – and experience – any outdoor space in your home to the fullest. Customising the size, style and materials of your rugs allows you to create a design that takes into account your preferences and the characteristics of the space.

And this applies to every outdoor space, whether it’s a large terrace, a small balcony, a cosy patio or a large garden.

Why customisation for outdoor rugs?

More than any other room in the house, the outdoors needs strong and durable rugs. When choosing the perfect rug for the outdoors, you need to consider the characteristics of the environment, but also consider how the rug will be used.

Normally, people use their gardens mainly in the spring and summer months, while in winter they tend to spend more time indoors. If you have the possibility of having a more sheltered terrace or patio, however, you can use these outdoor areas of the house all year round. This difference affects the type of custom-made outdoor rug you choose.

In the first case, you can choose outdoor rugs in more vibrant colours and patterns, and also made from natural materials such as cotton, jute or sisal. In the second case, you need outdoor rugs that can also be used in the cold months. Hand-knotted wool rugs are the best solution because they provide a high level of comfort, provide warmth in winter and keep the hot temperatures away in summer.

With the possibility of creating a custom-made luxury outdoor rug, you can not only adapt the design and materials of the rug to the environment and intended use, but you can also create a unique product, specially designed according to your preferences. In this way, your customised outdoor rug can become the centrepiece of your patio and garden furniture, standing out from the rest of your home. Or, alternatively, you can choose a style and colours for your custom-made outdoor rug that are in continuity with those inside your home.

What are the characteristics of a custom-made outdoor rug?

First of all, a custom-made outdoor rug must be able to withstand humidity, temperature changes and exposure to the sun. Even if the rug is located inside a gazebo or protected by a patio, you should always consider that temperatures and humidity levels are more extreme outdoors than inside the house.

When you are planning the furnishing of your outdoor space, you need to consider this aspect and choose custom-made outdoor rugs made of solid and durable materials. From this point of view, you also need to consider how busy the outdoor environment will be and make sure that the material is durable enough. It is also important that the material and colours are resistant to sunlight, especially if the luxury rug will be in direct sunlight.

It is therefore necessary to carefully consider where the custom-made outdoor rug will be placed and to define the materials and style of the rug, depending on the main characteristics of the outdoor environment. The type of flooring outside the house is also important. The colours and materials of these two protagonists of the furnishings must be in harmony with each other to create a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Custom-made outdoor rugs a guide to customising your outdoor rug

A customised outdoor rug for maximum comfort in every corner of the house

Through customisation, you can create rugs that are comfortable, practical to use, stylish and extremely versatile. If you wish, you can also create custom-made outdoor rugs that can be used indoors or outdoors. This is a convenient solution if you only plan to use the outdoor areas of your home during the warmer months. During the rest of the year, the rug can be moved indoors. In this case, you need to carefully plan how the outdoor rugs will be used in the house. If you only intend to use the rugs during the winter, the outdoor rug can be moved into the living room or the living area of the house. If, however, there are already other rugs in these rooms, it is essential to create a tailor-made design that ensures a perfect balance between the colours, style and size of all the models in the house.

Requesting a custom-made outdoor rug means that you can customise all the characteristics of the rug, from the size and shape to the materials, colours and style. By comparing the customer and the interior designer, we can arrive at the definition of the model of rug that is truly customised in every detail, perfect to embellish and make comfortable any type of outdoor space.

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