Luxury sofas and rug types: how to combine them?

Luxury rugs Aug 23.2021

Luxury sofa and rug types how to combine them

Luxury sofas and rugs are the absolute protagonists of the decor of a living room. Especially in rooms furnished in a contemporary style, characterized by minimalist furniture, the care of the relaxation area becomes a priority. In order to enjoy a refined and relaxing environment at the same time, it is essential to choose models of carpets that are in perfect harmony with the style of the sofa.

Which rugs to choose according to the style of the sofa

In the decor of the living room, sofa and carpet ideally should reinforce each other in order to create a cozy, sophisticated and elegant environment. Therefore, the choice of sofa and rug styles should be interconnected and designed to maximize the effect of their union.

If you already have a particular type of sofa in mind, the whole process becomes easier. A traditional type of sofa such as the Chesterfield, for example, would go very well with a Persian rug or a simple rug in a neutral tone. The Chesterfield leather and three-seater sofa features a low back and stitching on the back and arms. A Persian rug or a rug with a design from the oriental tradition emphasizes the classicism and elegance of the sofa model. On the contrary, a rug in neutral tones focuses all the attention on the sofa, which becomes the focal point of the whole room.

Models with a more modern flavor, with squared lines and made of fabric or leatherette, combine well with geometric patterned rugs or contemporary luxury rugs in bright colors. Those who choose such a sofa are mainly aiming for comfort, and the right rug can help create an ideal atmosphere for sharing space with friends and family.

Contemporary and designer sofas have a strong personality. They are characterized by original lines and dimensions that deviate from the traditional ones. They range from chaise longues to large corner sofas, passing through modular models or with semicircular shapes. All the sofas that fall into this category have in common the ability to furnish spaces without needing the support of other furnishing elements. In this context, you can choose neutral rugs or rugs with a simple pattern, or you can match the sofa with a rug with a contemporary design and complementary colors than the sofa.

Luxury sofa and rug types how to combine them

How to match rugs and sofas to get the best possible result

The style is the main aspect you need to focus on. The style of the sofa and that of the rug must be in sync. This does not mean that you cannot combine oriental rugs and designer sofas, but that you need to make sure that the two elements of the living room furniture are consistent with each other.

Color plays a key role in the choice of sofa and rug patterns. Leather sofas in natural tones of leather can be combined with carpets in warm tones. Patterns from Persia or Caucasian regions are perfect. With their designs that feature red, yellow and brown details they enhance the sophistication of the sofas and stand out in the room.

A white or light-colored sofa can be successfully combined with a brightly colored rug as well as with a neutral-colored rug. The first solution is particularly suitable for those who want to bring some liveliness in the room, while the second is ideal for those who love rooms furnished in Nordic style.

If you choose a sofa model with a strong color, the choice of the perfect carpet should be done carefully. A good idea is to resort to complementary colors: in this way you are sure to balance the two shades and have a satisfactory result.

Finally, in order to achieve a perfect balance between the rugs and the sofas in your home, it is important to evaluate the ideal size of the individual rug. The size should be calculated taking into account the shape and size of the room and the way you have decided to arrange the sofa. In particularly large rooms you can choose a large rug model, which covers the entire area occupied by the sofa and the armchairs. A very wide rug is also the best solution in cases where a modular sofa has been chosen, which can be broken down to create several distinct seats.

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