Why choose a round luxury rug for your home

Luxury rugs Feb 15.2021

Why choose a round luxury rug for your home

Furnishing your home with a round luxury rug is a great way to add personality to a room and be unconventional without becoming too eccentric. The great thing about round rugs ist hat they can easily fit into any room in the house, bringing colour and personality to the room. 

Change the face of your room with a round carpet

When you want to give a room a distinct look without revolutionising it, adding a round rug can be a winning idea. Especially if the piece is a fine work of art.

The contrast between the straight lines of the furniture and walls and the sinuous lines of the carpet breaks the mould and gives the room an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. 

Round carpets are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to their versatility and their ability to decorate with just their presence. Moreover, a round luxury carpet can, thanks to its versatility, find a place in practically any room in the house. 

Indeed, in smaller rooms, such as a living room or study, a classic rectangular carpet may not be the best solution. These carpets are usually large and only leave a small portion of the floor free. In such rooms it is difficult to find the right compromise between the presence of the carpet and the need to enhance the brightness of the room. A round rug, on the other hand, placed in the centre of the space – under the table or in front of the desk – can give movement to the room, decorate it and illuminate it with an original touch. 

In larger rooms, a round rug can take the starring role. Placing one of these rugs in an open space, for example, allows you to define the space and decorate the area, creating a less clear separation than a rectangular rug could create. 

The construction material also plays an important role. If the aim is to accentuate and underline the elegance of the room, a luxury silk carpet can be chosen. Otherwise, if you want to create a warm and comfortable environment, it is better to opt for a wool rug, perhaps a long pile one.

Alternating shapes and geometries for a surprising result

A round luxury rug is at its best when it’s part of a furnishing scheme that provides a good balance between the different shapes and geometries in the home. 

In fact, alternating lines and geometries allows you to make the most of the shape of this type of rug. For example, it is sufficient to combine furniture and accessories with square lines with rounded rugs and accessories to achieve a harmonious result and a lighter, more relaxing atmosphere.

In a living room, for example, the round carpet can be placed in front of the sofa. A small square table can be placed on top of the carpet. Rounded accessories on the table, such as candles, complete the decoration and create a perfect balance between the different elements in the room.

Sober or lively, the right luxury rug for every style

Designers’ creativity has drawn on the most unusual compositions and colours. Thus, round carpets with neutral tones and minimalist designs can be found. On the other hand, there are round carpets that are colourful and have abstract designs and intense colours.

Round carpets can be the best choice to emphasise the sophistication of a classic-style living room, but they can also be useful to soften the rigid lines of an industrial-style living room. Carpets with a design rich in colours and nuances are a great way to liven up a living room with light-coloured walls and furniture. Or they can create a playful and cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. 

The choice of colour also influences the position of the carpet in the home. A very colourful carpet or a carpet with a specific pattern should be appropriately emphasised, perhaps by placing it in the centre of the room or in the entrance area of the house. A plain-coloured carpet, on the other hand, can be chosen both to furnish the room on its own and to enrich it in combination with other objects, to be superimposed or placed alongside the item, as in the case of small tables and armchairs. 

Furnishing with a round rug allows you to create many different effects. The only limit is really the imagination of the designer. In short, you can combine materials and designs to customise rooms to the maximum. If space permits, a further possibility is to superimpose a round rug on a large rectangular one, placing complementary textures and designs side by side, for a result that is undoubtedly amazing.

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