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Absolutely, every shipment is insured. In your own interest, please check the contents of the shipment as soon as it is delivered to you.
All our carpets are handmade and ethically produced. We do not use child labour and we pay fair compensation to the producers to enable the economic and cultural development of the people and companies we work with. Furthermore, our production is completely sustainable. Our brand not only respects people, but also the environment in which we live.
We make modifications on request. We can customise the dimensions and colours by re-proportioning the carpets. This is possible on all carpets, except limited edition carpets.
We give a 100% guarantee on every purchase. If carpets have obvious defects or do not conform to the order placed, we repair or replace the parts in question.
We work with many firms specialising in projects of all kinds: houses, villas, buildings, offices, banks, luxury shops, hotels, boats and more.
We use many materials. Among the most commonly used are wool, bamboo silk, viscose, banana silk and hemp.
Our carpets are hand-knotted and are therefore durable and of the highest quality, washable and repairable.
Nodus was the first brand in the world to revolutionise the concept of the traditional carpet, launching the idea of the carpet as a contemporary work of art. Our products are designed by the most famous international designers and constitute genuine masterpieces of modern art. Because of this characteristic, they also tend to acquire economic value over time.
We ship worldwide.
Sì, certo. Di più: non solo sono eco friendly per i materiali usati, ma lo sono anche perché completamente realizzati a mano. In alcuni casi, sono anche completamente organici, perché sono realizzati senza l’uso di coloranti o con coloranti vegetali, come da antiche tradizioni tramandate nei secoli.
We make customised carpets according to customer design. Without limits of type or size.
Certamente sì, è anzi il nostro fiore all’occhiello. Assistiamo i nostri clienti anche dopo la vendita, per qualsiasi esigenza possano avere. Il nostro customer care è attivo praticamente 7 su 7, con tempi di risposta molto brevi.
We can ship project-specific samples, subject to payment of a fee, which varies according to the type of sample, and subject to payment of shipping costs.
We produce in different areas of the world, but mainly in Nepal and India.
You don’t necessarily have to give up buying the carpet you like so much. If the item is priced beyond your budget, it can still be produced with a less expensive technique or material. Contact us, we will definitely find a solution!