The luxury carpet to embellish a city house

Luxury rugs Nov 04.2020

the rugs for your city home!

More than any other element of the house’s furnishings, the luxury carpet makes the inhabitants and guests feel in a cosy, warm dimension that inspires pleasant sensations. Closing the door and the noises of city life behind them and immersing yourself in a luxurious, warm and hospitable environment is a privilege that improves the quality of your existence.

A home of oriental, Nordic, industrial or… 

The rugs contribute unequivocally to building the personality of the rooms in which they are placed. In a house in the city it is important that the carpets, in style and size, are in harmony with the atmosphere of each room. In other words, carpets become a sort of common thread that defines the character of each room and contributes to making the home atmosphere more harmonious. 

The first thing to make sure is that the carpets match the style of the room. The industrial style, as well as the Nordic one, leaves many possibilities for intervention. Thanks to the use of a palette of colours and precise lines, the space of the house can be personalised to the maximum, to give the room a precise identity, which is a reflection of that of the owners.

Luxury carpets to make your home in the city unique

Flats, villas, lofts… city houses can have a different structure. The type of dwelling is certainly the starting point to understand what kind of luxury carpet is the one that most manages to give prestige to the various rooms. 

In fact, a rug is never just a decorative element. When it is inserted in large spaces, a luxury carpet also manages to delimit the various areas of a room. The large lofts and large open-plan style lounges allow you to appreciate its capacity to the full. Placing a rug of great value in the dining table area and another one in the sofa area helps to identify even at a glance the two areas. 

To create a “wow” effect it is important to make sure that the colours and dimensions of the carpets create a good balance with the rest of the room. Not just the furniture, but also the floor, the colour of the walls and the ceiling. No detail should therefore be overlooked. A good interior designer knows this.

If the house in the city has exposed wooden beams or decorated ceilings, for example, it is good that visually the colours and design of the carpet are in harmony with the rest of the architecture. If the furniture includes elaborate furniture, you can opt for a carpet with a rigorous style and, conversely, furniture with essential lines can stand out in combination with a carpet with bright colours and original design.

Materials and design to enhance any environment

In the living area, in the bedrooms, but also in the walk-in wardrobe and corridors and – why not? – also in the bathroom. Every room in the house can be made special with the right luxury carpet. 

The entrance area, living room and lounge are the areas in which you move most frequently. If you are used to hosting friends and family, the living room is probably the room to be furnished with the greatest care. It is therefore a good idea to choose a luxury carpet that is both durable and able to create a warm atmosphere. A hand-knotted and coloured wool rug is a good solution, because it lasts a long time and insulates your feet from the floor, transmitting a natural warmth that you can appreciate even more if you walk on the rug barefoot. 

The sense of warmth and protection are amplified in the sleeping area, where the rug becomes the reference point around which the sleeping area rotates. 

While in the bedrooms and living area the success of the furnishing project depends on the balance created between the rug, the table, the bed and the sofa, in the walk-in wardrobe and in the corridors the rug is free of encumbrances and the design becomes the absolute protagonist. 

Comfortable, colourful, precious as contemporary works of art, the luxury carpets make the different rooms of your home exclusive and special the moments you spend there with your family and your guests.

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