The meaning of colours in luxury rugs

Design Jul 07.2021

The meaning of colours in luxury rugsWhen choosing the colour of a luxury carpet for your home, the significance of each colour must be taken into account. Each colour evokes specific feelings and can influence the way we relate to our environment. In the Oriental tradition, colours have a very specific meaning, but modern colour psychology also helps us to identify the most suitable colours for our homes. 

Colours in Oriental luxury rugs

For centuries, the fabrics used to make carpets in Eastern countries and North Africa have been dyed with natural plants and pigments. Red is the most common colour, partly due to the ease with which it can be made using parts of madder and henna plants. Traditionally, red is associated with the concepts of energy and fire, and in some cultures it also symbolises life by extension. 

Other common colours in Oriental carpets are yellow and gold. While yellow communicates happiness and energy, gold conveys power and wealth. It is no coincidence that gold was reserved for carpets intended for kings, emperors and high officials. 

In North Africa, especially in Morocco, it is common to find carpets made from a mixture of black and white wool. The contrast between these two opposing colours not only creates eye-catching designs but also symbolises the eternal clash between life and death or purity and destruction. 

Green, on the other hand, is a special colour in Eastern tradition. In the Islamic faith, green is associated with the figure of Muhammad, as the prophet’s tribe carried a banner in this colour. Even today, green is the colour of paradise for those who follow Islam, and green is often used in carpets used for prayer.

Colours in contemporary luxury rugs

Modern colour psychology moves away from the traditional interpretation of colours and focuses more on the emotions we experience when we see colours. Colours not only beautify the objects we use on a daily basis, they also influence the atmosphere in our environment. 

Based on the feelings they provoke, colours can be divided into three groups

warm colours, ranging from yellow to red, which stimulate energy, concentration and creativity;

cool colours, such as blue, green and violet, which make the atmosphere calm and relaxed and generally create a feeling of well-being;

neutral colours, which include grey, brown, white and black. Although these colours may evoke different feelings, because for example white inspires purity and brown inspires confidence, they all have in common that they can be used in furniture as a base colour alongside other colours. 

A red carpet can keep our energy and attention levels high. It is the stimulating colour par excellence and for these reasons it is good to use red carpets in the living area of the house. Carpets in which red is the predominant colour are a great way to add personality to the outdoor areas of the house, but also for the living room or entrance area. 

Orange is an equally stimulating colour. It is cheerful and encourages sharing with others. Here again, the living area is the best place to decorate with a luxury carpet in orange. The qualities of this colour can be used to liven up the kitchen and living room, but also in the playroom of children and teenagers. 

If you want to give your living space an energetic and fresh look, you can use yellow. This colour expresses energy all year round, and a luxurious yellow carpet is a great choice for the kitchen or entrance area. Yellow is also the perfect colour to bring a breath of fresh air and creativity to the study or hobby room.

Cool colours in all their shades are more suitable for the sleeping area of the house. Light blue, green and lilac are perfect for luxury carpets in the bedroom. These colours stimulate relaxation and promote rest. 

In darker shades, cooler colours convey elegance and sophistication and are ideal for creating cosy, intimate spaces. 

Depending on the choice you make, colours can brighten up a room or can make a room feel more or less spacious. When choosing luxury carpets for your home, it is important to bear in mind that colours have the power to stimulate our imagination, make us more cheerful or aid concentration.

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