Made to measure carpets for classic style furniture: a complete guide to choosing the ideal model

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Made to measure carpets for classic style furniture

Choosing made to measure carpets for classic style furniture is always a good idea. In fact, in these rooms, custom-made models can best enhance the beauty of the furniture and make the decor harmonious and even more refined.

A made-to-measure design, using high-quality materials and an ad-hoc design, allows you to furnish your home with beautiful luxury carpets.

What are the best carpets for a classic style home?

In homes furnished in the classic style, it is common to find furniture with an imposing structure, made of solid wood and with carvings or mouldings. This furniture is eye-catching because of its strong personality and ability to fill space. When choosing carpets for furnishing classic homes, this must be taken into account and the right model must be found, i.e. the one that can complete the decor and bring out the elegant lines of the furniture without weighing down the atmosphere too much.

The fine carpet has the task of completing the layout of the space, creating the right balance between the furniture and the other elements of the decor. In a way, it acts as a glue between the furniture and the accessories and, taking all the furnishing elements together, defines the atmosphere of the room. The ideal carpet also manages to create a connection between the rooms in the home and is able to direct the traffic of people in the various areas.

So, which made to measure carpets for classic style furniture? Those who are called upon to choose which carpet to focus on are at a crossroads: they can opt for a classic Oriental carpet or they can go for a contemporary art carpet. The first choice is the most natural and is perfect for those who want to build a traditional décor, while the second is an excellent solution for those who want to lighten the atmosphere and introduce design elements into the room.

Made to measure carpets for classic style furniture

Oriental carpets or contemporary art carpets?

The big dilemma that plagues those who have to choose made to measure carpets for classic style furniture is whether to go for oriental carpets or to dare with contemporary art carpets. Both choices have several advantages and are equal in quality and luxury.

Oriental carpets have the advantage of blending perfectly with traditional style furniture. The warm colours of typical Persian and Turkmen carpets create a perfect harmony with the warm colour of wood and match the richly detailed furnishings usually found in classic homes. Carpets produced in the Persian area are also made of the highest quality materials and are, to all intents and purposes, fine carpets. They are mostly wool carpets, created from a particularly fine yarn that requires very careful processing.

Contemporary art carpets are a more modern and fresh alternative to Oriental carpets. In comparison with Persian carpets, contemporary art carpets stand out for their greater versatility. Especially when it comes to custom-made carpets, they allow the perfect solution to be found for every room in the house, including outdoor spaces. The entrance area, hallways, living area, bedrooms and outdoors can be furnished with contemporary carpets without the risk of overloading the room with colour and decoration.

Made to measure carpets for classic style furniture

How can we exploit all the benefits of furnishing with made to measure carpets for classic style furniture?

The possibility of adapting every feature of the luxury carpet to the particularities of the space to be furnished is a huge advantage. By being able to define the optimal look and size of the artefact, it is possible to create exactly the desired atmosphere.

If you want to create a cosy and elegant décor for your living room, you can request a high-end wool rug with a traditional design and warm colours. If you want to give the space a more refined and exclusive look, on the other hand, you could consider a custom-made carpet with a contemporary design and in a cool colour.

For a classically furnished home, hand-knotted carpets are preferable. Their understated and elegant look goes perfectly with the spirit of traditional furnishings, with which it creates a winning alchemy. In some cases, hand-knotted custom-made rugs could also be considered. The thing to make sure of is that the design of the individual piece is consistent with the style chosen for the furniture and furnishings in the room.

In a house furnished in a classic style, one could also decide to include one or more custom-made long-haired items. This choice is especially suitable for bedrooms, in which it brings warmth and emphasises the cosy and comfortable aspects of the furnishings.

In any case, the choice of made to measure carpets for classic style furniture requires careful evaluation of the various design requirements. It is therefore essential to be guided by an interior design expert who is equally familiar with the varied world of luxury artefacts.

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