Custom-made office rugs: a guide to choosing them

custom rugs May 17.2022

Custom-made office rugs: a guide to choosing them

With custom-made office carpets, you can build a work environment that meets your needs exactly.

Whether in a home office or away from home, the ability to customize the size, materials, and appearance of the luxury carpet help create ideal conditions for increased productivity and comfort during working hours. Let’s see why.

What are the benefits of a custom-made luxury rug in an office?

The office is not only the environment dedicated to work, it is also the physical space where an important portion of the day is spent. Structuring office furniture to create a comfortable and welcoming environment is a real necessity, in order to be able to work better and to take care of one’s physical and mental well-being.

Placing a luxury rug in the work space helps to create the best conditions to concentrate and give your best every day. While the quality of the materials increases comfort, the thoughtful design makes the environment more inviting.

With a custom-made rug, moreover, you can furnish your office based on your specific requirements and needs related to the structure of the room or the decisions you have made for furnishing it. When designing a custom-made rug for the work environment, the client and designer come together to arrive at the best look and features to furnish the space.

When choosing a custom-made rug for the office, one should not limit oneself to considering the aesthetic aspects of the product. On the contrary, the aesthetic aspect is one of the last points that are analyzed. Before that, it is necessary to understand what is the atmosphere you want to breathe at work and what messages the workspace furniture should convey. Only after these general aspects have been defined can one proceed with the selection of materials and the choice of rug shape and design.

Custom-made office rugs: a guide to choosing them

How to take advantage of rugs to best decorate the office?

To make a positive difference, it is necessary for the luxury rug to fit harmoniously into the office space. While with a ready-made rug being able to achieve this result is not guaranteed, with a custom-made rug the successful fit is assured.

When designing the custom-made rug for the office, one must first consider what kind of environment it is and how the space is structured. A law office or a technical office will be furnished differently from each other, and again, they will be different from the home workspace of business consultants.

In case the office is open to the public, it is preferable to go for durable and easy-to-clean rugs, while for furnishing an environment frequented only by a few people, more models can be considered, including original designs.

Typically, in an office, the high-value rug is placed below the desk. With large-format rugs, you can create a kind of island within the room, in which to place the desk and chair. When choosing a smaller format, on the other hand, you may decide to place the luxury rug halfway under the desk. Or you may opt to place it in another space in the room, perhaps near a bookcase or under a small table.

What features does the ideal custom-made rug have for an office?

The size of the rug is one of the most important aspects to define when furnishing an office. If with the furniture you want to convey competence and professionalism, it is advisable to choose large rectangular rugs, which have the effect of reassuring those who enter the room.

Sometimes it may happen that, due to the shape of the room or the presence of bulky furniture, a large rectangular rug does not prove to be the most congenial solution. In such cases, one can turn to smaller rugs of round or oval shape. Or you can design an irregular rug, capable of ensuring at the same time the creation of a design environment and the creation of a functional work space.

If you decide to place the rug under the desk, you need to consider the effect of frequently moving the office chair or armchair. The best materials for rugs intended for a work environment are those that provide excellent resistance to wear and tear. Wool, from this point of view, is the most suitable choice, also because of the ease of processing.

As for colors and possible graphic patterns, the decision is very personal. Striped rugs are among the most versatile and timeless solutions. And they suit formal offices as well as more relaxed work settings. Rugs with geometric and vintage patterns can also be used to create functional and elegant furnishings.

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