Why choose a custom-made luxury rug for your home?

custom rugs Aug 16.2021

Why choose a custom-made luxury rug for your home

You can choose a custom-made rug when you need to furnish a space that has special needs, but also when you want to enrich the environment with a unique and special product. Custom-made carpets offer endless possibilities for customisation and ensure that you have full control over every step of the manufacturing process.

What are the advantages of custom-made rugs?

The most classic reason for choosing a custom-made carpet is the size of the space to be furnished. This can be a particularly large space, which exceeds the dimensions of the spaces designed for a standard carpet, or an irregular space.

These needs usually arise in spaces other than domestic ones. For example, the lobby of a large hotel or the interior of a boat. In the first case, you need a carpet with a classic format but with larger dimensions than usual, while in the second case the main need is to have a carpet with a shape and size calculated exactly according to the space to be furnished.

A custom-made carpet is a unique and exclusive product, which gives value and prestige to the environment and makes the space comfortable and pleasant to live in.

Customised carpets can also be used when furnishing workspaces. In the professional field, the carpet’s appearance can be particularly influenced by reproducing the company’s logo on the pile or by using the colours that distinguish the company on the market.

Why choose a custom-made luxury rug for your home

Unique and customised luxury rugs for every type of customer

Choosing a custom-made carpet means being able to define in detail all aspects and characteristics of the finished product. When you think of a custom-made product, the first thing that comes to mind is the size, but this aspect is only one of many that can be worked on.

First of all, when requesting a custom-made luxury carpet, you can define the size that the carpet will have. In addition to the classic shapes – rectangular, square, round – you can request a carpet with an oval, triangular, another geometric shape or an irregular shape. For example, furnishing the interior of a boat with carpets requires the creation of a made-to-measure carpet based on the dimensions of the boat.

Being able to customise the carpet also allows the product to be made from a customer’s design, image or sketch, choosing the format, size and appearance that the final design will have.

The possibility of making a custom-made carpet from an image is especially valuable in a professional context. For shops and companies it means being able to furnish sales areas, offices or showrooms with a carpet that recalls the sign or logo. A space furnished with such a carpet not only makes it immediately recognisable, but also conveys the brand’s attention to detail and quest for quality.

The materials used in the manufacture of custom-made carpets can also be freely chosen. For carpets intended for use in the home, at work or in leisure time, the most important aspect to consider is the comfort derived from their use. For this reason, wool or silk is the fibre of choice, offering excellent levels of resistance and workability.

If you need a special carpet that stands out because of its eccentric and unique design, you can choose to use other fibres or combine different elements. Fibres of natural origin can be used together with metal inlays or other elements chosen by the imagination of designers or customers. Carpets made in this way can be used to furnish a room in the house, a studio or a shop.

The result of the customisation is an original creation, a unique contemporary luxury carpet of the highest quality that reflects the client’s taste and personality. Whether it is a home, a shop or an office, thanks to custom-made carpets you can furnish the space with a luxury and exclusive product, which can be seen as a true museum-quality artistic object.

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