Indigenous rugs: how are they made? Why include them in an interior design project?

DesignMaterials and techniques May 21.2024
Indigenous rugs

Indigenous rugs are a very interesting interior design solution because they combine the practicality and versatility of classic rugs with a cultural background that testifies to the history and tradition of peoples that have a lot to tell.

These high-quality, handcrafted textiles can add a truly unique touch to any home or commercial space in which they are placed and liven up the atmosphere with their bold colours.

What are the main characteristics of indigenous rugs?

When we speak of indigenous rugs, we generally refer to pieces that openly recall the culture of Australia’s Aboriginal peoples. They are specifically colourful, versatile and high quality rugs.

Indigenous rugs are handmade by skilled craftsmen. Their main strength is their ability to bring together seemingly distant worlds and cultures: on the one hand, there are the peoples that have inhabited the Australian territory for centuries, and on the other hand, there is the Middle Eastern culture and tradition that has given rise to the creation of the rugs.

The combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and the colours and symbols of Australia’s indigenous peoples gives rise to rugs of the highest quality, which can be successfully used to enhance the interior design of residential and professional environments.

In particular, indigenous rugs immediately catch the eye with their vibrant colours and original decorative motifs: sinuous lines, circular patterns and intense hues are the norm. The colours are often set off against white or neutral shades. The result is rugs with a strong decorative power and capable of lending a marked personality to any room in the home.

As for the materials used, in most cases indigenous rugs are made of wool, using yarns from sheep bred in Australia or New Zealand, which give a very soft, durable and easy to work wool.

Indigenous rugs

When should you choose to furnish a room or location with indigenous rugs?

Indigenous rugs are mostly found in areas of Oceania and South-East Asia. This means that choosing such an artefact to furnish a home or office in Europe is certainly an original and uncommon solution.

Specifically, this type of fabric is also perfect if you want to create an ethnic interior design, but do not want to use African or Asian inspired furniture and decorative elements. Placing a beautiful indigenous carpet in the room brings colour and warms the atmosphere, thanks to the presence of unusual designs and colour combinations.

This is certainly not the end of the story. In fact, indigenous rugs are something to consider whenever one is looking for a quality product to decorate floors or walls. Since these pieces are very colourful and have aesthetically pleasing decors, they can be considered as works of art  that can be hung on the wall and admired day after day.

When placed on the floor, indigenous rugs protect the floor from wear and tear and work in synergy with the furniture to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. This harmony can be created in the home as well as in shops, studios and offices.

The use of quality wools and the use of traditional manufacturing techniques (typically hand knotting) also makes these rugs very solid and durable. Choosing to furnish with an indigenous model means making a long-term investment and being able to use the product for decades without fear of damage due to wear and tear.

Indigenous rugs

What to consider when choosing an indigenous carpet?

As is the case in the process of choosing any carpet, there are several elements to take into account when purchasing an indigenous design in order to make the right choice.

Firstly, it is important to consider the type of space you want to furnish with the artefact. As we have already mentioned, indigenous rugs can be successfully placed in both work and home spaces. Even in the home, there are several rooms that can be decorated with such a carpet. They range from bedrooms, including children’s and guest rooms, to living areas and hallways.

It must also be considered that these rugs often have a cultural and symbolic value that goes beyond their market value. The use of traditional symbols and references to the history of aboriginal peoples should be valued and understood fully if one chooses to furnish with such a product.

Finally, one must take into account the fact that indigenous rugs are handmade and naturally have small imperfections that, rather than being a defect, are an added value of the product.

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