Nodus invented the carpet as a work of contemporary art

Design Dec 02.2020

Contemporary rugs

For your home you can choose a rug with a classic design, one in a modern style, or you can amaze your family and guests with a rug that is a true work of art, in the literal sense of the word.

With the Nodus carpet collections, your home becomes a small museum with real masterpieces. The curator of this special museum is you: you have the task and the privilege to build it piece by piece, choosing carefully the furniture and accessories that best reflect your style, your taste, your personality.

Inimitable contemporary carpets 

If you want your home to stand out from all the others, you want the environment to fit in with your idea of luxury and comfort. In other words, you want the rooms to convey all your good taste and your sense of refinement. You can then choose to furnish your rooms with contemporary carpets from Nodus. 

What is so special about them? They are works of art that you can admire and enjoy every day. Just like a painting or statue, the carpet embellishes the room, but it is not limited to that. While traditional works of art often only have a decorative function, Nodus carpets also combine beauty and prestige with an important furnishing function. 

Choosing Nodus rugs for your home means giving value to every room, with a furnishing element of great elegance and inimitable. The creations of Nodus Designers are in fact unique pieces, capable of making your home special by mixing tradition and innovation in a new way. No one had ever experienced such a revolutionary path in the past.

Just as with traditional carpets, Nodus’ models are made by specialised craftsmen, who manually knot the fibres according to techniques that have been handed down for centuries. The innovation lies in the creative process, which leads to the combination of materials and designs for a truly original result.

Here we overcome the classic distinction between Persian and modern carpets, long or short pile carpets, wool or silk. Each of these attributes can be freely combined with the others and with different gradations. For example, you can have a carpet with an oriental inspired pattern but with a distinctly contemporary style

It is in this freedom to personalise the finalresult that the strength of Nodus’ luxury carpets lies. Combined with the excellent quality of the materials used and the skill of the craftsmen involved in the production, the ability to create beautiful pieces based on the specific needs of customers makes Nodus even more special.

A luxury rug with museum quality to add value to your home

When inserted inside the room, a Nodus carpet is able to change the face of the room. By seeking the perfect balance between style, light and colour, it is possible to create a special atmosphere that reflects the taste of the hosts. 

Inserting a Nodus rug in the furniture allows you to welcome guests in a living room that is nothing to envy to the room of a contemporary art museum. Together with the furniture and accessories, the carpet forms a harmonious picture, combining design, art and tradition. 

Nodus carpets allow you to achieve a stunning result in all the rooms of your home. You can even devise an original path to discover the different expressions of Designers’ inventiveness. If in the living room you have chosen an impact rug, in the bedrooms you can create a more relaxing environment, focusing on warm materials and pastel colours.

The attention to the artistic expressions of contemporary designers, the experience of Nodus and the choice of natural fibres of the highest quality have made it possible to create a type of carpet that was not there before. A carpet that brings the world of art and interior design closer together. The result is elite carpets, which represent masterpieces capable of increasing the value of the room in which they are placed and underlining the prestige of the home. 

Whoever chooses this type of carpet is guaranteed to take home a high-end product, which has an intrinsic value able to increase over time. Since it is a high quality rug from an artistic point of view, its use does not diminish its value. Using the rug, in daily life and at parties and meetings with guests, maintains its quality unchanged. Or rather: it increases its value because each rug becomes even more unique when it tells the story of the owner and the walls in which he lived.

Nodus creates prestigious carpets.
Bring luxury into your home!
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The contemporary works of art: Nodus rugsNodus has reinvented the luxury carpet. It was in fact the first brand to propose the concept of the rug as a work of contemporary art.
Nodus has always created exclusive products that furnish the most beautiful homes in the world. Do you want to make your home inimitable as a work of art?
Bring a hand knotted rug of the highest quality and design into the spaces of your daily life! Give your family and the people you love the beauty of a dream masterpiece! Every piece of Nodus is designed by famous Designers, making it recognisable and prestigious. In this way, each rug is unique: you will not find another one like it. Like all beautiful and unrepeatable things, one piece in the Nodus collection sets you apart and speaks to others about your taste and elegance. CONTACT US!