Luxury rugs: what kind of maintenance needs to be done?

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Luxury rugs: what kind of maintenance needs to be done?Regular maintenance of luxury rugs preserves their durability and allows the original beauty of the product to be maintained. For contemporary luxury carpets, maintenance is particularly important, as it helps the carpets last longer and can increase their value as a true work of art.

Regular and extraordinary rug maintenance: what you need to know

An ideal care programme for luxury carpets should include regular cleaning and special maintenance approximately once a year. It is important to vacuum the carpet regularly, at least twice a week. Modern hoovers have brushes and suction programmes that are suitable for carpets. These vacuum cleaners capture dust and dirt by gently vacuuming the surface of the carpet. The suction power is not high, but it is still sufficient to remove dirt and allergens.

About once a year you can do a more thorough cleaning of your carpet, using either dry cleaning or water washing, depending on your needs and the type of carpet you have in your home. Dry cleaning is generally done using powdered cleaning products which are spread over the entire carpet surface. After allowing the powder to act for a few minutes, simply vacuum the carpet to remove the cleaning product and all residual dust and dirt. If you choose to wash your carpet with water, it is essential that you hire experienced professionals who know how to treat the fibres in the best possible way and who use detergents that protect the beauty of the colours and the delicacy of the carpet.

A good maintenance programme should also include periodic rotation of the carpet. This technique is particularly useful when the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight and there is a risk of the rays damaging the colours. Changing the position of the carpet is also useful in all cases where it is placed on a wooden floor that tends to darken over time.

In order to clean a luxury carpet while preserving its beauty, it is essential to respect the structure of the product and avoid invasive or aggressive treatments. The carpet, for example, should never be beaten, as blows can alter the tension of the knots.

How to deal with stains and different types of carpet

Not all carpets are the same, and when it comes to maintenance you need to keep in mind the characteristics of each one in order to be able to deal with these elements of home decor.

When we talk about carpets, we immediately think of short pile carpets, which have a very compact structure and are made up of dense knots. In recent years, however, the number of homes in which shaggy carpets, which are soft and warm with a long pile, have made their appearance has increased dramatically. This type of carpet requires a little extra care. It is not advisable to use a hoover for routine cleaning, as the power of the air can be too aggressive and damage the carpet. The best way to clean a long pile carpet is to use a carpet brush, which will remove the dust while respecting the delicacy of the fibres.

When something falls on the carpet, it is essential to act immediately to prevent stains from forming. To prevent the stain from spreading, the area should be blotted and any spilled liquids absorbed as much as possible, using a sponge or paper towels. If after these preliminary steps the stain is still evident or if there is a dry stain, the area can be treated with a mild carpet cleaner. Again, in order to avoid damage to the carpet it is essential not to rub the surface, but to clean the area as gently as possible.

Correct maintenance of your luxury carpet will ensure that this important piece of home furnishings remains beautiful and in splendid shape year after year. Apart from purely aesthetic issues, maintenance also has important implications for the well-being of the people living in the home. Especially if there are children or people with allergies, regular carpet cleaning increases safety and makes the home environment healthier.

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