Custom carpets and chandeliers: how to match them effectively?

custom rugs Oct 29.2022
Custom carpets and chandeliers

The relationship between Custom carpets and chandeliers is a crucial aspect in finding the right balance in interior design. Indeed, the design of these two furniture elements and the style chosen for the carpets and chandeliers can dramatically change the look of different rooms in the home. This can help create elegant and classy spaces.

However, in order to achieve an impeccable result, those who follow the furnishing project should make targeted choices and, thanks to tailor-made solutions, find the best possible combination.

How do you enhance different rooms in the home with custom-made carpets and matching chandeliers?

Let us start the topic of made-to-measure carpets and chandeliers with a consideration. The secret to creating rooms with cosy and classy furnishings lies in the construction of very harmonious rooms, in which the different elements of the furniture are in proportion to each other.

In this sense, the aesthetics of the carpet and the aesthetics of the chandelier, whether it is a pendant, wall or ceiling model, should be consistent with each other, so that they complement the room’s décor in the best possible way.

Indeed, the common purpose of Custom carpets and chandeliers is to create a pleasant and cosy ambience. The luxury carpet  has the task of giving colour, defining space and emphasising the elegance of the chosen furnishing style. Each chandelier, on the other hand, gives light and character to the room. Together, these two furnishing elements are able to make the various spaces in the home harmonious, both in the living and sleeping areas.

To make the most of each room, it is therefore important to carefully choose the characteristics that both carpets and chandeliers should have. For artefacts, it is essential to carefully define the most correct measurements, the shape the piece should have and its design. As far as the latter is concerned, the aesthetic tastes of the hosts come into play, but also the latest trends in interior design and the general atmosphere one wants to give to the specific room.

For chandeliers, on the other hand, the first decision to be made is their position. The final effect will indeed be different in the case of a large pendant chandelier that sits in the middle of the room or a wall chandelier that radiates light from a side position. Of course, the design of the chandelier model is also relevant. Classic crystal pendant models are an excellent solution for a classically styled living room and a particularly elegant ambience. On the other hand, industrial models are perfect for completing the décor of a loft.

How to find the right balance between Custom carpets and chandeliers?

When it comes to Custom carpets and chandeliers, great attention should be paid to the size of these two pieces of furniture. In general, the advice is to choose carpets and chandeliers of similar proportions.

If you are furnishing a living room with an open-plan structure and you have decided to place a large made-to-measure carpet in the room, for example, you can balance the impressiveness of the artefact with an equally large pendant lamp.

Conversely, if we consider the same large living room as before, but decide this time to furnish it with one or more standard or small rugs, for the chandeliers we can choose models with a smaller diameter or create more light points, to adequately illuminate the room as a whole.

Balance and proportion are concepts that have to do not only with the size of these two pieces of furniture. In fact, they extend to encompass their style as well.

To balance a highly ornate custom-made carpet, such as a Persian rug, one might therefore decide to use a chandelier with more sober and essential lines. On the contrary, a sculptural chandelier model with a striking design could be the perfect solution to liven up a room furnished with a minimal custom-made carpet.

Custom carpets and chandeliers

Which furniture styles do you prefer for Custom carpets and chandeliers?

Carpets and chandeliers are two very important elements of interior design and, together with furniture and furnishings, define the identity of each room in the home. Depending on the furnishing style adopted, one can orient oneself among the different models of chandeliers available and clear one’s mind as to which type of custom-made carpet to order.

For homes furnished in the Nordic style, the most natural choice is to opt for a minimalist made-to-measure carpet and an understated-looking pendant lamp. Wooden or fabric lampshade models are elegant, trendy and easy to customise solutions.

In industrial style homes, on the other hand, abstract design custom-made carpets and designer chandeliers can be incorporated. The combination of contemporary art custom-made carpets and pendant lamps, which are true sculptures in glass and metal, is perfect in such contexts.

Ultimately, the connection between Custom carpets and chandeliers is very profound indeed. On it, much of the success of the interior design project depends. Thanks to customised solutions, however, it is always possible to create the perfect carpet for every room in the house to fulfil one’s interior design desires.

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