Material for outdoor rug: how to make the right choice?

Materials and techniques Mar 04.2023
Material for outdoor rug

Today we are talking about the material for outdoor rug. We will give you a real guide, so that you can make the ideal choice for your decorating project.

The ideal material for outdoor rug  must resist moisture and temperature changes, it must retain the characteristics of the pile, even if it gets wet, and it must not lose colour or be damaged if exposed to the sun.

Furthermore, the resistance of an outdoor carpet should not only be assessed from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of safety. The product must not be attacked by mould, which could also create serious health problems for people.

How to choose the material for outdoor rug?

To identify the best material for outdoor rug, several factors must be taken into consideration. First of all, one must consider the position in which the artefact will be placed. In fact, placing a carpet in a sheltered location or in an area exposed to sun and humidity involves different considerations. In the first case, more attention can be focused on the comfort of the materials and their aesthetic appearance. In the second case, on the other hand, the priority should be on the strength and solidity of the piece.

The traffic that the carpet will have to withstand must also be given due consideration. If the carpet is to be placed on a busy terrace or at the entrance to the house, it is essential to select solid materials that are able to withstand wear and tear and heavy traffic.

Precisely for these needs, it is preferable to use synthetic materials for outdoor textiles. These fibres are able to guarantee the right level of resistance and durability while offering comfort and safety.

These are just the first observations that can be made when choosing the material for outdoor rug. There is therefore much more to say, and we will now discuss it.

What are the benefits of different materials for outdoor carpets?

One of the most commonly used materials in the production of outdoor carpets is polypropylene. It is a synthetic material with a soft finish and, in some ways, similar to natural fibres.

Despite the softness of the fibres, polypropylene is among the strongest and most durable materials. This makes outdoor carpets made of this material suitable for placement even in the busiest areas of the home, such as entrances, patios or gardens.

Polypropylene fibres are also very resistant to moisture and are not attacked by mould if they get wet. Outdoor items made of this material are therefore the first choice to be considered, whenever one has to furnish a terrace, balcony or garden in which there is no roof. This is therefore the material for outdoor rug that should be considered first.

Equally versatile and practical is polyester. Polyester outdoor carpets are valued above all for their ability to resist stains and the sun. The colours remain brilliant for a long time and the pattern is not altered by exposure to sunlight.

Among the best materials for an outdoor carpet, nylon should also be considered. Often, this fibre is blended with polypropylene to create strong, soft textiles that are able to withstand even high levels of humidity and offer great comfort.

Finally, PET, or recycled plastic, is sustainable and perfect for outdoor use. A durable, pleasant-to-touch product that helps us respect the environment and the planet.

In the more sheltered and less busy spaces of the home, you can also consider an acrylic rug. This material is especially appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, but it is the most delicate of the materials considered for outdoor carpets.

Material for outdoor rug

Ideas to take a cue from: what material for outdoor rug?

The availability of various materials that can be used to make beautiful outdoor carpets makes it easy to find the optimum solution for every context. For a customised result , you can act on the design and style of the artefact to create an ambience that exactly reflects your wishes.

The patio, for example, is the ideal area of the house to recreate a cosy and relaxing space in which to spend a few hours in the open air. To furnish this room of the house, you can opt for a nylon or polyester outdoor carpet, with a lively floral pattern or a delicate geometric design.

Outdoor carpets are also perfect to complete the decor of a gazebo. A gazebo placed in the centre of a garden offers the possibility of having a kind of outdoor living room. Placing a beautiful polypropylene carpet in the centre of the gazebo, perhaps surrounded by sofas and armchairs, creates a cosy and homely atmosphere.

A few more tips on the choice of material for outdoor rug. Those who can only count on a balcony or terrace can liven up the outdoor space of the house by inserting an acrylic or polypropylene artefact, perhaps made to measure.

Finally, it is also worth considering this tip. When choosing the design of the carpet, one can either recall the style of the luxury carpets chosen for the interior or resort to an original design by selecting an abstract or contemporary pattern.

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