Thin rugs for living rooms: how to make the right choice for your interior design?

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Thin rugs for living rooms

Thin rugs for living rooms are an excellent choice for interior design as they offer a number of practical and aesthetic advantages.

In addition to being able to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere without visually weighing down the space, these rugs – especially when custom-made – easily blend in with the existing furniture, adding a touch of comfort with great discretion.

What are the main advantages of Thin rugs for living rooms?

The presence of a thin carpet in a living room is first and foremost noticeable on an aesthetic level. The reduced thickness and original design  of these rugs also contribute to improving the functionality and safety of the room.

The practicality of this solution is in fact one of the reasons why thin rugs are usually used to complete the furnishings of a living room. This choice is particularly suitable in the presence of elderly people, children or pets. Since these rugs are very thin and lightweight, they reduce the risk of accidents and falls.

Thin rugs for living rooms can also be moved easily from one place to another in the room, making cleaning easier and allowing the arrangement of different pieces of furniture to be changed quickly.

Thin rugs for living rooms

Flat rugs are an excellent solution especially for living rooms furnished in a modern style and for open-plan rooms. These carpet models are also the most suitable solution when furnishing a living room with sliding doors. While the heaviness and height of thick rugs can sometimes hinder the closing and opening of doors, thin rugs solve this problem in an elegant and functional way.

Tips for furnishing the living room with thin rugs?

When you decide to furnish your living room with a thin carpet, you need to work strategically so that the piece is the centre of attention and stands out in the overall interior design.

In order to achieve this kind of result, it is essential to define the shades that the carpet should take on. If you want to turn the artefact into the focal point of the room, you can consider moving towards models with bright colours and original designs. If, on the other hand, you want to focus on chromatic harmony, it is useful to define a colour palette that takes into account the shades used for the other furnishing elements in the home, for floors and walls.

In addition to the colour, the positioning of the carpet is also crucial to achieving the desired result. In a living room one naturally tends to place the piece under the coffee table or in front of the sofa. Alternatively, one can consider enhancing the area occupied by the table or a reading corner with a carpet.

For a harmonious and visually coherent result, it is also necessary to carefully define the ideal size of the carpet. In a large living room, the textile should ideally be able to accommodate the surrounding furniture, while in a smaller living room, it is preferable to use a small format model, to be used mainly as a stylistic accent.

Thin rugs for living rooms

The overall harmony of the living room also depends on the balance created between the carpet and the other decorative elements. Coordinating the style and colours of the carpet with those of the cushions and curtains, for example, creates a refined and balanced ambience.

How to exploit the versatility of Thin rugs for living rooms?

One of the main reasons why Thin rugs for living rooms are so popular with interior designers is their versatility. Their understated appearance and the ease with which they can be placed and moved around the room makes them suitable for various areas of the living room.

Depending on one’s needs, Thin rugs for living rooms can be used to liven up the appearance of the room, to increase its functionality or to visually separate the area of the room intended for relaxation from the others.

If the living room is large and also includes a dining area, a thin carpet is perfect for delimiting the area occupied by the table and chairs. In this case, it is important to choose a piece with a compact structure and made of hard-wearing, stain-resistant fibres. For this type of use, wool models, for example, have ideal characteristics.

Thin rugs for living rooms

If the carpet is to be used to create a cosy TV area, on the other hand, it is advisable to place a large, thin piece in the space between the sofa and the TV set. Using a pattern made of vegetable fibres or a coloured wool rug helps to create a comfortable atmosphere and invites you to relax during evenings spent with family or friends.

Thin rugs for living rooms also lend themselves very well to an overlapping look. For example, placing a large thin carpet on the floor and placing another artefact on top of it, the latter with an equally thin thickness and smaller dimensions, allows for a three-dimensionality of the room and makes the room look cosy and sophisticated.

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