Made-to-measure sisal rugs: versatile, robust handicrafts with great personality

custom rugs Sep 30.2022
Made-to-measure sisal rugs

Made-to-measure sisal rugs are perfect for those who have decided to furnish their homes with furniture made from natural and sustainable materials.

Thanks to its strength and ability to withstand moisture, sisal is the ideal fibre to make rugs for both indoor and outdoor use in the home. In addition, thanks to their appearance that is both simple and refined at the same time, sisal rugs can also give a unique touch to living rooms and bedrooms, as well as terraces.

What are the characteristics of custom-made sisal carpets?

Among materials of plant origin, sisal is one of the most widely used in the production of natural carpets . Its exceptional properties have been known and appreciated for centuries. This has led to sisal artefacts rapidly spreading all over the world.

Specifically, sisal is a vegetable fibre obtained by processing the leaves of the sisal agave plant, typical of Mexico, but also widespread in China, India and many African countries. The fibre obtained from these leaves is particularly strong and durable, but is also easy to work with. This makes it easy to customise carpets.

Since sisal is a material that resists both wear and moisture well, sisal carpets (custom-made or standard, it doesn’t matter) are also an excellent choice for furnishing the busiest areas of the house and the kitchen.

The sisal fibres are usually rolled up and knotted together to form the artefacts. Thus, the processing of sisal carpets is handmade, but different from hand-knotted carpets made of wool, cotton, silk or other materials. The sisal carpet is in fact flat-weaved, with no warp.

Custom-made sisal carpets are usually undyed. The colour of the pile depends on the natural colour of the raw material, which may be darker or darker, depending on the area of origin of the plant and the seasoning of the fibre. The range of colours from which one can choose goes from beige to brown, with more or less accentuated shades.

Sisal is also popular because it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. The fact that the fibres are neither dyed nor treated with chemical materials means that the carpets are completely biodegradable and non-polluting.

Made-to-measure sisal rugs

Which rooms in the home can be furnished with one or more custom-made sisal rugs?

Every room in the house can be enriched with a customised sisal rug. The versatility of carpets made from this plant fibre is very wide and means that they can adapt very well to all styles of furniture.

When combined with classic furniture, customised sisal carpets will make the atmosphere exotic and warm. On the other hand, when offered together with contemporary furniture, they will emphasise the simplicity and essentiality of the furnishing choices.

The look and design of custom-made sisal rugs are perfect for complementing a nature-inspired interior with minimalist wooden furniture and accessories made of natural materials and fabrics. Sisal is also an excellent choice when there are plants and flowers in the home. In fact, the colour combination is balanced and relaxing.

In addition to decorating the room in a delicate and understated way, a handmade sisal product can also protect the floor of the home, whatever it may be. In the busiest rooms of the house, it is a good idea to insert a custom-made sisal rug to reduce the risk of scratching or wear on the floor, especially if delicate materials such as parquet or marble have been chosen for the flooring. To further increase protection and safety, you may also decide to insert an anti-slip mat underneath the sisal piece.

Made-to-measure sisal rugs

How best to furnish rooms with custom-made sisal carpets?

Customised sisal carpets can be made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If one turns to interior design experts and craftsmen who know how to work sisal with great skill, one can obtain carpets that enhance the appearance of different rooms in the home and, at the same time, bring out the natural fibre colour of the individual items.

Since, in general, sisal carpets are undyed artefacts, the customisation of the individual project should essentially be based on the shape and size of the piece in order to find the perfect model for each room and for each style and type of furniture.

Ultimately, to be able to define the right size of the carpet, the correct proportions must be calculated with respect to the size of the room or outdoor space to be furnished. As far as shape is concerned, a rectangular rug is the right choice for more traditional furnishings, while a customised piece with a round or irregular shape is perfect for a younger, more contemporary d├ęcor.

We have come to the end of our guide to custom-made sisal rugs. Following our advice will undoubtedly help you choose the ideal pieces for your project needs. Put our suggestions into practice, you will not be able to go wrong with your choices, on the contrary!

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