Correct size rug for sectional couch (complete guide)

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Correct size rug for sectional couch

In today’s post we discuss the correct size rug for sectional couch. Indeed, being able to find the right balance between manufactured product and sectional sofa can make all the difference in creating a cosy and harmonious space.

In a living room or lounge, the sofa is the co-star of the scene, and the carpet must be able to support it. For an ideal result, the carpet must reinforce the design of the sofa, while at the same time providing a comfortable and warm space in which to find oneself.

There are several components that influence the process of choosing the ideal carpet, starting with the size and material, and ending with the colour and design.

The correct size rug for sectional couch: everything you need to know

When looking for the ideal carpet to match a sectional sofa, several elements must be taken into consideration. First of all, it is essential to measure the sofa and the room accurately and assess how much space the rug can occupy overall. The end result should ensure a certain overall harmony and the room should not be overloaded with elements.

Correct size rug for sectional couch

Other very important aspects to consider are the shape of the sectional sofa and the arrangement of the elements from which it is formed. Understanding what the structure of the sofa is helps to select the most suitable carpet shape: it could be a rectangular model, but it could also be more appropriate to use a square, oval, round or irregularly shaped carpet.

Once the shape of the textile artefact has been determined, it is important to check that the carpet and sectional sofa have proportional dimensions. To be able to furnish a living room or lounge optimally, it is advisable to use a piece that completely embraces the area of the sofa, finding the ideal size of the rug that is neither too large nor too small in relation to the other furniture in the room.

A good starting point for finding the correct size rug for sectional couch ideal is to choose a model that is slightly larger than the sofa itself. This ensures that all the sofa’s components can be placed on the carpet and that there is sufficient space at the sides to move around the room. 

How should the carpet be arranged to best match the sectional rug?

The final appearance of the room certainly depends on the size and design of the carpet, but how it is placed in relation to the sectional sofa also plays a major role. Finding the ideal placement helps to make the atmosphere of the room much more cosy and transforms the relaxation area into a functional and comfortable space.

Correct size rug for sectional couch

The solution most often resorted to is to place the carpet only partially under the sofa. In this way, the artefact visually delimits the relaxation space without excessively filling the view. This type of approach is very useful in the case of large modular sofas composed of many elements. Choosing a carpet that is not excessively large lets the room breathe and lightens the overall atmosphere.

In living rooms and halls where a small sectional sofa has been chosen, one can consider placing the carpet in front of the sofa. This interior design solution can be complemented with the addition of small tables, chairs or armchairs and can help to create a cosy atmosphere.

In addition to the correct size rug for sectional couch, the best materials and textures need to be considered

The unique combination of materials, textures and design gives the carpet a distinctive look that can make a room look elegant, sophisticated or exclusive.

To identify the ideal carpet model, it is necessary to start by analysing the characteristics of the sofa. A piece of furniture covered with a smooth, modern-looking material will fit perfectly with a piece with a soft texture and made of a natural material. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a rug with an unusual colour or a sophisticated covering, it might be more appropriate to opt for a rug with a simple texture, perhaps made of a yarn dyed in neutral tones.

Correct size rug for sectional couch

The furnishing style from which the sofa’s lines are inspired can also make a difference. A sofa with a modern design and clean lines goes perfectly with a contemporary art rug, while a sofa in a traditional or vintage style can be made to stand out if offered together with an oriental or Berber rug. 

Since the sectional sofa is often placed in rather busy rooms of the house, the range of yarns that can be considered is reduced. In most cases, sectional sofas are offered in combination with large-format wool carpets. In addition to ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result, these carpets are very durable and long-lasting.

Our step-by-step guide to choosing the correct size rug for sectional couch ends here. Now it’s up to you and your creativity to add a touch of originality to your furnishing project!

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