Design rugs to renew the living area: how to make the right choice for your home

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Design rugs to renew the living area how to make the right choice for your home

See carpets as a piece of furniture, which can be used to renew the decoration of a room, is one of the most interesting functions of this design product. When you want to give a new air to the living area without disrupting the decor and without changing the structure and layout of the furniture, you can act precisely by changing the carpets. Choosing designer carpets, with intense colors and high quality materials, can completely redesign the look of the room.

When to change the carpets in your living room

There are many reasons why you can decide to change the furniture of the living area of the house, going to insert new models of carpets. Taking care to choose them precisely among the manufactured design.

In many cases, to push in this direction is the need to intervene on the colors in the environment. The carpet can act as a trait d’union between furniture and decorations, harmonizing the atmosphere in the room. Or it can become the strong point of the furniture. In the first case, a neutral or pastel shade of color should be chosen. In the second case, you can dare with bright or dark colors.

Designer carpets also have the power to warm the atmosphere of the living area. A cold and unwelcoming environment can be transformed into a warm and lively one, thanks to the use of a large designer carpet in warm colors or made of long pile wool. 

Often, when you decide to change the carpets in the living area, it is done to freshen up the style a bit and to replace the previous carpets with contemporary designer models. This type of intervention is especially useful in situations where, in the decor of the house, you always keep up with the times and the old carpets are likely to clash in the whole. 

You can also decide to change the carpets used in the living room when you decide to change the arrangement of furniture or when you proceed with a more radical change of furniture. In this case, you should look for models of designer carpet that are in harmony with the furniture and the desired atmosphere of the room. 

Sometimes, it happens that in those who live daily environments of the house arise needs or requirements that had not been considered at the time of the realization of the design of furniture. In such cases, intervene later by inserting in the living area a rug or a set of designer rugs can be a good idea. For example, you can use designer rugs to create an area dedicated to reading. Or to create an area with a cozy atmosphere, intended for relaxation.

Design rugs to renew the living area how to make the right choice for your home

How to choose the right designer rugs to renew the living room environment

A good way to choose the right designer rugs to renew the decor of the living area of the house is to start from a specific color. You can base it on the meaning of colors, preferring cold tones, if you want to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, or warm tones, if you want to give a breath of energy to the space. Or you can choose based on your personal preferences or let yourself be guided by the emotions aroused by observing the creations of designers. 

When the carpet has an essentially decorative role, the pattern is in the foreground. Geometries, flowers and abstract motifs can become the stars of the room and draw the eye. Even more so when designer rugs are placed on the wall and end up becoming true works of art. 

In the process of choosing designer rugs, you must also consider the type of floor present in the living area. A special relationship is created between the luxury rug and the floor: while the rug protects the floor, the floor is able to bring out the design and quality of the materials.

Why take advantage of designer carpets to renew the decor of the living room?

Thanks to the decorative power of designer carpets, you can refresh the environment and renew the look of the living area. All without upsetting the organization of the room. With a targeted intervention and the right designer carpets, you can make the atmosphere more comfortable and more welcoming. Or you can transform the living area into a protected space, in which to take refuge in moments of tranquility. 

Designer carpets can help you to bring the room even closer to your aesthetic taste or family needs, which may change over the years. You may also decide to revamp the decor of the room to follow the interior design trends of the moment. Whatever one’s motivation is, what is certain is that contemporary designer rugs manage to furnish rooms in a sublime way. At the same time, these fine artifacts are perhaps the most extraordinary expression of the art of creating hand-knotted rugs.

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