Why choose a designer rug?

Design Sep 16.2021

Why choose a designer rug

Designer rugs are probably the best decoration you can choose for your home. A carpet is an important element in the furnishing of a room, and opting for a designer carpet means aiming for excellence, both in terms of the quality of the product and its appearance.

How a designer rug is made

From a few simple elements, designers

, whether we’re talking about those of the past or those of the present, have managed to create unique masterpieces of enormous value. To make a carpet, all you need is a loom and yarn to be manually knotted around the warp and weft. What makes the difference between a simple carpet and a luxury carpet is the skill of the designers and the craftsmanship of the artisans.

The care with which a designer carpet is conceived and the care with which it is made guarantee a high-quality and long-lasting result. The use of selected, hardwearing natural fibres ensures that the carpet retains its characteristics for many years, maintaining its beauty and comfort.

Each designer carpet is a unique and unrepeatable work of art. Thanks to the craftsmanship involved, each model has a distinctive style that stands out best when combined with coherent furniture and accessories. A designer carpet can also be chosen as a furnishing staple. In the event of a redesign of the house, furniture and accessories can be replaced, while retaining the carpet.

Why choose a designer rug

The advantages of furnishing with designer carpets

A designer carpet can single-handedly change the face of a room. By choosing a luxury model, you can revolutionise your interior design, whether it is a new home or a renovation.

As well as providing warmth and a high level of comfort, designer carpets allow you to achieve a highly personalised result. The wide range of styles and patterns makes it easy to find a carpet that suits your taste. If you have special needs or wishes, you can always request a custom-made luxury carpet.

The customisation of designer carpets is absolute. It is possible to book carpets with different sizes or shapes than the standard ones, as well as carpets that are aesthetically different from others. The materials can also be chosen according to your preferences. In addition to the classic wool carpets, which are durable and comfortable, you can choose fine silk carpets for your home, or carpets made from a mix of fibres.

Whichever combination you choose, a home environment furnished with a designer carpet is exclusive and cosy, a little gem that holds splendour and elegance.

What to consider when choosing the right designer carpet

Shape, size and appearance are the three main dimensions to be defined in order to find the perfect designer carpet for your home. The starting point for making the right choice is the study of the space to be furnished.

Considering the characteristics of the room is the first thing to do in order to skim through the many models available. Both the size of the room and its shape should be considered, but also the amount of light in the room.

The perfect designer carpet is one that blends in ideally with the room. In order to achieve this, it is important that the carpet is in line with the chosen furnishing style and that all the elements in the room as a whole are of a high standard. Designer carpets simplify this task, as they offer great versatility and allow you to build cosy spaces that are pleasing to the eye and touch.

If you want only the best for your home, you can invest in a designer carpet and secure a product that offers many different advantages. In addition to the aesthetic beauty and intrinsic quality of the carpet, there is also the ability to protect the floor and reveal the taste and personality of the person living in the home.

Designer carpets are the right choice whenever you want to add a touch of luxury to your home and make your interior design special.

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