Art area rugs, all you need to know

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Art area rugs

Never undervalue the grounding and furnishing leverage of a tremendous, distinctive art area rug. Think about it. It’s the initial gadget you step foot on when you arrive home. It’s what you touch down on when you get out of bed on those snowy winter daybreaks. It’s some calamity stuffing when the children get slightly carried away and take a tumble. Not only are new art area rugs comfy, but when sensibly chosen, they also convey pure style. A living area relishes an aesthetic rise when an eye-catching art rug is added.

Everybody has personal styles, and NODUS offers the vastest choice of art styles to express yourself. Our Hand Knotted art styles accentuate the substantial collection of Hand Knotted rugs worldwide and are the pure style for a traditional tinge.

Recent Rugs are an excellent way to enhance lively colors in your space and generate designs. If you have an additional fictitious style, NODUS art area rugs are ideal for a fantasy look and feel. Rugs belong not only in your home but in every locale you stay.

There are tons of options and different sizes for you to choose from, and shipping is always free in Italy; I know it can be super overwhelming, so I choose NODUS art area rugs because I want you to have a beautiful rug beautiful home.

So, let’s go ahead

Art area wool shag rug

It provides a clean slate appearance for your room, and this kind of rug will go great for a Scandinavian home, mid-century (From mid-century modern and contemporary rugs to one-of-a-kind traditional hand-knotted rugs, we’ll have something to fit any style of the decor).

Fair warning: When it’s come to wool rugs, especially shag rugs, there’s going to be some shedding, but that is normal. All you have to do is vacuum it.

Our curated art wool rug collection features bright colors, graphic prints, contemporary designs, and organic patterns from bohemian to classic, modern to floral.

An art area rugs are the distinguished collection of NODUS. In terms of layout, design, and innovation, it reflects the best in the world of hand-knotted wool luxury rugs. All the heirlooms of rugs in the compilation can be customized on request.

Choosing the best rug for your room can be a challenge. NODUS’s art area rugs are an opportunity to create a cozy and inviting space.

In the middle of every house is your kitchen, and with high patronage through the area, Kitchen Rugs with warm art marvel for brightening up the area and feeling incredible under your feet.

You’ll need to restrict easy-to-clean fabrics like PVC, polypropylene, or vinyl rugs with shallow stacks for the kitchen. Forgo wool or cotton rugs quickly absorb stains and have a taller silhouette. In the kitchen, position a runner rug parallel to the sink or sprint along voluntary walkways established by kitchen islands and cabinets.

Sitting around the dinner table is often persuading, and the Dining Room Rug’s art should express the climate ascertained when family comes concurrently.

When deciding on your Bedroom Rugs, get an art design that gives the most prosperous glance for you. Bedroom Rugs tend to have little traffic so a delicate rug would be appropriate. Eventually, you don’t have to forfeit color and art with Bathroom Rugs. Illustrate yourself with fierce, bold, and animated hues.

The consecutive layers of sure art rugs are the perfect separator for uncovering ideal symmetry in one’s space. Using mid-century unique art rugs underneath couches, tables, or desks broadens the space of any portion without making the room too congested. Try circular style if you wish to be more animated with pattern or shape. Circular unique art area rugs assist the spectator zero in on what’s in the hub. So if you’re aiming to get attention to a stunning sight of blossoms, your new testimony art chunk, or just your beloved chair in the home, go with the rounder option.


Are rugs regarded as art?

Each Rug Is A Work of Art

They have been the contents of, and seemed in, the struggles of many tremendous artists who indicated gratitude for them by imitating them in fine detail. The rugs are also a fraction of artwork in themselves.

What are art are rugs?

Artisan rugs, aka “art rugs,” manufactured by iconic artists, are the top way to accomplish a stunning interior. These limited edition vintage rugs are requested and in demand among rug lovers, art collectors, and interior designers, likewise due to their proficiency to be as adorning as they are collectible.

Art area rug placement Ideas

There are several means to beautify with art area rugs around the home. NODUS art area rugs can be utilized to provoke pigment scenarios or to assist set the tone in the room in any style of home:

  • In the bedroom, spot the art rug perpendicular to the foot of the bed. Alternatively, position the art rug tilted to the barrier of the bed.
  • In large rooms or open idea floor plans, utilize the art rugs to define distinct areas such as dining or sitting areas.
  • Establish a prosperous outdoor living space on a concealed patio by encircling the floor with art rugs.
  • Mount an outstanding, exceptional art area rug as a wall tapestry. Conserve a precious, elegant antique art rug by mounting it inside a glass framed shadow box.

NODUS design uniquely modern art area rugs that represents a real three-dimensional suggestion. The pattern of these hand-knotted art area wool rugs recalls traditional designs, with the outcome of orchestrating somniferous emotion. The hues of the wools that make up the fleece of the rug are not achieved using tints but are organic ones.


NODUS art area rugs are your covert weapon to assist you in making a house into your home, with several world-invigorated art area rug designs at costs that can’t be beaten. Visit and see why more than one million clients have trusted NODUS to support and recognize their perception of the home.

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