How to match luxury rugs with paintings in your home

Luxury rugs Aug 19.2021

How to match luxury rugs with paintings in your home

The correct combination of luxury rugs and paintings can make the look of the rooms in the house really special. If chosen wisely, the two elements reinforce each other and give the room an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Why should you choose luxury rugs combined with paintings?

Often paintings are the only decorative element and the only area of color that beautifies the walls of the rooms. For their part, carpets bring color and decorate the floors. Finding a good harmony between the carpets and the paintings allows you to make the home spaces even more welcoming and to bring out the design of the furniture and the beauty of the space as a whole.

Together, carpets and decorations can influence the vitality of the rooms in a very profound way. For this reason, luxury rugs and paintings should work in synergy with each other to ensure a perfect balance of color and style.

In order to find the carpets that best match the paintings, it is important to consider at what stage of the decorating process comes the time of choosing home textiles. If, for example, you have to furnish a new apartment, carpets and paintings can be chosen at the same time, making sure that their style is similar. The speech becomes slightly different when it comes to furnishing an existing house or if it is a simple renovation. In this case, it is likely that the paintings are already present in the furniture and are therefore binding in the choice of carpet model.

In order to find a combination capable of enhancing the characteristics of the couple formed by carpet and paintings, it is important to make choices consistent with the underlying theme of the furniture. In the presence of paintings inspired by classical art, the safest choice is the combination with traditional rugs of oriental inspiration or with modern rugs with neutral colors and design. On the contrary, in the presence of abstract paintings or works of contemporary art, the most suitable rugs are those with a contemporary design, capable of creating a kind of visual continuity between the walls and the floor.

How to match luxury rugs with paintings in your home

How to choose the combination of luxury rugs and works of art

We have already said that to be sure that in the house there is a pleasant atmosphere, it is important to have carpets and works of art with a similar style. Combining a classic nineteenth-century painting with an ultra-modern carpet could in many cases be a gamble, just as combining a contemporary painting with an oriental carpet could end up weakening both creations.

In addition to taking into account the style, it is also essential to check that, as a whole, the colors of luxury carpets and paintings are harmonious. From this point of view, a chromatic balance should be sought, which can be based on the use of complementary colors or shades that blend together. Colors close to each other help to create a calm and peaceful environment while contrasting shades can give dynamism to the space. Color consistency should also be sought with other decorations in the room, such as pillows, curtains and furnishings.

Geometric patterns and motifs make it easy to select the right rug model. Persian rugs, and more generally those from Asia, are a perfect match for classic artwork. An important painting can also be easily matched with a neutral-toned rug with a geometric pattern, while more or less abstract paintings inspired by nature can be made to stand out with a rug with floral patterns.

Those who want a rug capable of balancing the abstractness and originality of more modern artwork can choose a plain rug in a saturated color. Alternatively, you can consider that contemporary paintings go perfectly with luxury carpets with unusual shapes or bright colors.

Finding the ideal combination of paintings and luxury carpets is therefore an articulated process that starts from the identification of the style and color palette to be used in the house, passes by the search for the focal point of the room in which to place the most striking paintings or carpet and finally arrives at the selection of other decorations which are responsible for completing the decor. Of course, it is also necessary to consider the type of furniture in the room: contemporary design rugs are the best choice for an environment that has a modern decor, while carpets with geometric patterns are excellent solutions for homes furnished in ethnic or classic style.

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