Contemporary rugs: the advantages of choosing a contemporary style artefact

DesignLuxury rugs Nov 18.2022
Contemporary rugs

In today’s article, we will discuss contemporary rugs, which represent an evolution of traditional Oriental rugs .

Rugs that fall into both categories allow you to uniquely decorate the spaces in your home, but contemporary rugs, unlike older rugs, are able to give a precise and distinctive identity to any home environment. Let’s see why in our guide to contemporary carpet making and style.

How are contemporary rugs made?

Contemporary rugs are made according to traditional manufacturing techniques , which were developed in Asia through the work of generations of skilled craftsmen. Even today, contemporary luxury rugs are produced in workshops located in Iran, Turkey or Nepal. Here, it is possible to call on the know-how of craftsmen specialised in the creation of objets d’art, but it is also possible to source some of the best materials, from which luxury rugs with a long lifespan can then be created.

Various materials can be used in the creation of contemporary rugs. Models that blend tradition and modernity are generally made of wool. Depending on the desired result and the degree of detail to be achieved in the design of the carpet, more or less fine wool yarns can be used. The choice depends precisely on the stylistic and functional objective to be achieved.

Other materials frequently used in contemporary rugs are yarns of vegetable origin. Cotton, for example, is a valid substitute for wool and allows the use of many different colours. On the other hand, sisal and jute are more suitable yarns for those who want an undyed product with a natural finish.

In any case, a contemporary style carpet is the result of careful selection and research. It is no coincidence that the care with which these pieces are made begins already during the initial stages of the creative process, when the designer makes the first drafts of what will be the model to be produced.

After drawing the final draft of the carpet, we move on to the selection of the materials and colours to be used for its weaving. It then continues with the definition of the product specifications and the choice of the processing techniques to be adopted. The work, as one can easily guess, is a complex and demanding process.

Contemporary rugs: modern artefacts with excellent design and functionality

Rugs have always been used for their ability to decorate rooms and because they meet various needs. While antique rugs were primarily used to protect floors and to insulate homes from the outside, contemporary rugs today are essentially a decorative element that enhances home furnishings.

More specifically, modern rugs are furnishing elements with great decorative power, but they are also functional, because they prevent damage to the most delicate floors and because they manage to warm the atmosphere and make the various spaces in the home cosy.

It is therefore not surprising that contemporary rugs come in many versions, differing in shape, size, colour and decorative motifs. The appearance of the carpet is often the element that most influences the choice between different models to be placed in the home.

The excellent quality of the materials used to make the individual model, the uniqueness guaranteed by the handmade workmanship and the originality of the designers’ creations mean that those who choose to furnish their home with a contemporary carpet are assured a truly unique piece with great artistic and economic value.

Contemporary art rugs, just like other works of art, for example paintings and sculptures, can also increase in value over time. Consequently, they are an investment to be taken into due consideration if you are a contemporary art enthusiast.

Contemporary rugs

All the advantages of furnishing rooms in your home with a contemporary-style carpet

Choosing to complete the furnishing of a room in your home with a contemporary carpet means that you can easily give the room a distinctive character.

Indeed, the right colours and the perfect design of contemporary rugs also allow each room to be enhanced. A brightly coloured pattern, for example, is suitable for increasing the brightness of a space, while a light-coloured carpet that covers almost the entire floor area can help make any room appear larger.

Especially when it comes to contemporary rugs with an abstract design, we are dealing with patterns with great expressive power. These artefacts go well with furniture with simple lines and, in general, with furnishings inspired by minimalism.

Those who have made original choices for the interior design of their home, creating rooms of particular sizes or with an unusual layout, can choose a contemporary custom-made carpet pattern. Made-to-measure projects have this great advantage: they allow you to customise the shape, size, design and structure of the artefact so that it best suits your needs.

What more can you say? The balance between the style of the carpet and that of the furniture is essential to achieve a harmonious and elegant result. To be able to identify the right contemporary rugs for your home, the help of an experienced interior designer is crucial. Involving a person specialised in the field of interior design helps to compare several alternative solutions and to define the characteristics that the most contemporary style rugs should have in order to fit perfectly into the context of your home.

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