How a carpet can change the space in your home

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Do you need to renovate one or more rooms in your home? Know that you don’t always need to draw up a particularly elaborate renovation plan. In fact, you might even consider acting on the elements that furnish a single room. In particular, you could consider adding carpets, which are artefacts that help to change the face of the home. Or at the very least, they provide a way of finding a new, more pleasant balance.

Using carpets to give rooms definition 

A room with an anonymous atmosphere or a feeling of dispersion can be given a makeover. How? For example, by introducing a luxury carpet with a strong personality. 

There are many different elements that can make a room look out of place. From the type of floor covering to the style of the furniture and accessories. In this sense, a contemporary luxury carpet, with intense colours and original design, can be an intelligent solution to refresh the atmosphere and distract attention from a floor that has been ruined by time and no longer fits in with the rest of the furnishings. 

The carpet can change the perception of space even when it does not stand out from the rest of the room. It succeeds because it helps to build a perfect balance of colour and style

In other words, furnishing with a carpet is a useful expedient to give definition to the different spaces in the house. This solution is particularly good when you have to furnish from scratch or change the furnishing choices of an open space. Using carpets to delimit the dining area or the relaxation area occupied by the sofa is a good solution not only to identify the various areas of an open-plan living room or a loft, but also to give a precise identity to the different areas of the house.

Using colours to brighten up or liven up a room

Modern luxury carpets can also change the atmosphere of a room through the colours and patterns chosen by different designers. 

For example, light colours and designs that make use of lines and geometries can give light and depth to a room. On the other hand, elaborate patterns and dark colours are eye-catching and contribute to a warm and intimate ambience. 

The choice of carpet colour is of paramount importance. Finding the right shade and style to match the furniture, floor and walls is the main challenge and can take a certain amount of effort and time. Don’t be in a hurry to decide. In fact, when the magic is done, you will be able to see the carpet laid on the floor creating a perfect harmony with the furniture, curtains, floor and walls. And the result will be worth all the effort. 

In homes furnished in a modern or industrial style, a surprising effect can also be achieved by layering several carpets with different textures and patterns. The contrast between colours and finishes gives a unique air to the room and underlines the eclectic style of the inhabitants. 

How to harness the magical power of luxury carpet?

The textures, colours and patterns of luxury carpets – especially contemporary ones – can bring warmth, elegance and personality to any room in the house. It is easy to harness the power of artefacts to renew rooms with targeted interventions. 

The ability of carpets to change the perception of a room is perhaps best expressed in the bedroom. In this room, the ideal carpet is one that provides comfort and warmth, without stealing the thunder from furniture and decoration. Thanks to a carpet, it is always possible to add a touch of colour, make the room warmer or give the optical impression of being in a more spacious environment. 

In children’s rooms, carpets express their versatility to the full. Not only is it the star of the decor, especially if you choose a colourful and lively design, but it also insulates the feet from the floor, allowing children to play in a carefree and healthy way. The carpet follows the different stages of growth of the little inhabitants of the house and can be used in different ways. If initially it can identify the area of the room dedicated to play, later it can be used in the area where they study or in the bed area, to give a pleasant sensation of softness and warmth when they wake up. 

With a high prestige carpet you can surprise or seek perfect harmony between all the elements in the room. What is certain is that luxury carpets, especially contemporary ones, allow you to rethink the role of the carpet and to build customised furnished spaces.

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