Custom-made rugs for a penthouse

custom rugs May 08.2022

Custom-made rugs for a penthouse

With custom-made rugs, people living in a penthouse can personalise the interior design of their home, creating a cosy and well-designed space. The starting point when defining the characteristics of custom-made rugs for a penthouse is to consider the particularities of the house and the style you want to give the space.

How to furnish an penthouse with rugs

A penthouse has special characteristics that distinguish it from other types of homes such as lofts, villas or flats. Penthouses usually have lower ceilings than standard ones and there may be sloping ceilings in some parts of the house. It is also not uncommon to find penthouses with exposed beams or unplastered stone walls. Windows are also often smaller and sometimes the smaller size of the house is compensated for by large panoramic terraces.

When furnishing a penthouse it is necessary to carefully evaluate these aspects and make targeted choices that enhance the space to be lived in and bring out its positive aspects. The biggest mistake you can make when choosing furnishings for a penthouse is to overload the space, filling it with furniture, accessories and fittings.

In order to obtain tastefully furnished interiors, it is necessary to find a balance. Choosing to have rugs made to measure can help in this regard, because it allows you to insert a carpet designed specifically for that room in every space of the house.

Furnishing an penthouse with custom-made rugs is a good idea for at least two reasons: firstly, because rugs have a great ability to decorate rooms and ensure their personalisation, and also because rugs provide excellent thermal insulation of the space and warm the atmosphere.

Which materials and colours to choose for penthouse rugs

When planning the interior design of an penthouse, it is important to decide at an early stage which areas of the house should be furnished with rugs. You can either limit yourself to a couple of large rugs, one for the living room and one for the bedroom, or you can decide to customise every room in the house with a made-to-measure carpet, including the outdoor areas.

The material used to make the custom-made carpet is one of the first aspects to consider. The choice of material influences both the final appearance of the carpet (silk will give a shiny finish, wool will give a compact appearance, while vegetable fibres have a rougher texture) and the general atmosphere in the room.

In the living area of the house, wool rugs tend to be preferred, as they are versatile and durable. For more exclusive projects, silk remains the first choice, but in this case you must be sure to place the carpet in a place with little traffic, otherwise there is the risk that it will wear out in a short time.

For the sleeping area, rugs made of wool or vegetable fibres are the way forward. This last solution is particularly suitable for those who have chosen to furnish their penthouse with eco-friendly design solutions. By talking to carpet designers you can create beautiful designs based on the use of cotton, jute, sisal or other fibres made from various plant species.

When it comes to colours, the choice depends as much on the personal taste of the person living in the penthouse as on the brightness of the space. Light colours and colour combinations that give depth to the room tend to be preferred.

Custom-made rugs for a penthouse

Follow these tips to make use of rugs in your penthouse d├ęcor

To get the perfect result, consider what kind of environment the penthouse is in. A penthouse in an upscale city neighbourhood will probably require a different interior design than a penthouse by the sea. This difference applies to the choice of furniture as well as the rugs, which should be designed to match the overall atmosphere of the home.

When ordering custom-made rugs, it is also important to consider how they will fit in with the other elements in the house. This should not be limited to furniture, but should also include structural elements such as stairs, beams and floors.

Especially in an penthouse, the role of rugs is to enhance the special features of the room and make the space pleasant and functional. Thanks to custom-made rugs, it is possible to make targeted interventions and furnish each space with the carpet that has the perfect size, material and design for that room.

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