Laureline Galliot interviewed by Nodus

Design Mar 20.2022

Laureline Galliot interviewed by Nodus

Nodus collaborates with some of the most famous designers in the world. These creatives are known for their style and the continuous innovation they bring with their ideas. One of these artists is Laureline Galliot. We interviewed her. Let’s get to know her better and find out what her ideas are about design and what she envisions for the future.

How would you define the essence or primary characteristics of your work? Each designer has his own style, his own distinctive trait… which are yours?

What are the people or stories that have influenced you the most in your career path?
I’m mainly influenced by dynamics of plants growing, like vegetables and trees. Also by alive bodies. Trying to connect with the essence of it by depicting them, brought me to consider painters like F. Kupka as an example and then got inspired mostly by painters.

How much does the culture of your country and its traditions permeate your projects?
My work belongs to all places I’ve been to. In general, I get very influenced by cultures I’m not supposed to be connected to, they impact me even more because I’m not prepared to face them. Therefore noticing that I try to mimic this unprepared behaviour even in my own country to be more creative.

How do you imagine the future and what do you think will be the new trends in design?
Old objects are often kept by people because they have specific aura. I aim at injecting this kind of energy within any new object. Future and past are on a cyclic pattern, to my mind.

What do you think of the role of sustainability at present? Do you think it is a basic element of design, or it is an added value, in your opinion?
Sustainability can be surprising… a high value product made out of non sustainable material is often more sustainable than a disposable wooden object for instance. Since mass production met throwaway behaviour we kind of generate a hole that sallows energy.

How important are the social issues in your design and how often are are they influencing your projects?
As a teacher first, I’m kind of helping people getting satisfaction by drawing or designing things. It is very social matter. As a designer, I can choose to work on projects that have potential to augment the quality of a product, to slow time and to increase the living conditions of craftsmen for instance. I’m actually working in that sense with Rubis Mecenat Foundation in Madagascar, this year.

Is Design more emotion, more rationality/functionality, or is there no prevalence between one of the two aspects?
To my mind, designing is a way to interact with material, to understand physical laws and activates my «craft profile» as a human. So it is very enjoying! This brings us to the next point: my objects have to communicate the mindset I was in while enjoying to craft material! We are all craftsmen at first.  🙂  Design is both emotion and rationality for sure.

What do you think about the role of textiles in design?
Textile is a process among a lot, I see colored threads as colored brushstrokes, so I paint designs for the craftsman and its tools to be happy to work with. Like facing a painting while working…

To conclude, an aphorism or a phrase that represents you.
«Le beau est toujours bizarre», Charles Baudelaire. «C’est ce que je fais qui m’apprend ce que je cherche», Pierre Soulages.

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