How to protect your luxury rug from moths (tips and tricks)

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How to protect your luxury rug from moths (tips and tricks)Moths are your rugs’ worst enemy. In the event of an infestation, moths can seriously damage your carpets, literally eating the pile. However, if you love your carpets, you don’t have to worry too much: you can prevent infestations, intervene early to limit the damage, or repair the parts of your carpet that have the most problems.

What you can do to prevent damage to luxury rugs caused by moths

Moths are lepidopterans that feed on natural fibres such as wool, cotton and silk. Carpets are an ideal habitat for moths, which settle between the fibres. The insects lay their eggs there, from which the larvae are hatched and then feed on the wool of the carpet.

Regular and thorough cleaning of luxury carpets is the best weapon we have to prevent infestation. Vacuuming the carpet several times a week with a hoover equipped with special brushes removes much of the dust and dirt, which creates the ideal conditions for moths to take root.

It is also important to treat your carpet regularly to prevent moths. A professional treatment with water washing and moth repellent products is usually recommended at least once every two years.

Routine maintenance of the carpet is the first weapon in avoiding problems. In addition to cleaning, a regular visual check helps to identify the presence of moths and to intervene early before there is any visible damage to the carpet pile. It is often enough to check if there are small insects flying around the area where the carpet is located and if small white larvae can be seen on the carpet itself.

The way in which the carpet is stored also helps to protect it and keep moths away. Especially when the carpet is not in use and is stored somewhere in the house, it is important to check the condition of the room. To prevent a moth infestation, carpets should be stored in a cool, dry place. The carpet should be rolled up, with the pile facing inwards, and closed with a cotton cloth to protect it from dust. The carpet should not be wrapped in plastic or cellophane, as these materials prevent the carpet from transpiring properly and can cause excess humidity.

What do I do if my rug is infested with moths?

Moths can attack antique and modern carpets alike. If moths are present, action must be taken to remove the insects and restore the original beauty of the carpet. The sooner this is done, the better the damage can be repaired.

In order to remove moths from a luxury carpet, it is necessary to call upon the services of specialists who can treat the carpet with professional products, preserving the quality of the product. If you notice the presence of moths on your carpet you should immediately seek professional help. While waiting for professional help, it is recommended to expose the carpet to sunlight for a few days, if possible. It is also important to avoid moving the carpet to other areas of the house where there are other fabrics, as the infestation may spread.

The carpet should be washed with water and moth repellent products. When sanitising the carpet, both the larvae and the eggs that nest in the knots are removed. Carpet damage is caused by the larvae that hatch from the eggs, whereas adult insects are harmless.

If the infestation has already caused damage to the carpet, the damaged parts can be rebuilt. A professional can accurately assess the extent of the damage and determine how the luxury carpet can be repaired. Generally, the carpet is restored by working locally where the pile has been damaged, reconstructing the moth-ridden area knot by knot. Only an experienced eye can assess how this should be done and what condition the carpet will be in after restoration.

With proper maintenance and regular care, you can prevent the problem and save your carpet from moth attack. Checking the health of your luxury carpet at regular intervals helps to keep it beautiful and healthy. It also helps to prevent the piece from losing its economic value.

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