Polyester rugs pros and cons: a guide to choosing according to the specific furnishing project

Materials and techniques Jul 29.2023
Polyester rugs pros and cons

Today we will discuss the polyester rugs pros and cons. Specifically, polyester rugs can be a good solution for decorating terraces and balconies and, more generally, all outdoor spaces in the home.

Thanks to their soft surface, they offer an excellent level of comfort and, thanks to their sophisticated design, are able to give a unique style to outdoor spaces in the home .

What are the pros of polyester rugs?

What are the polyester rugs pros and cons? Let’s start with the pros. These artefacts are advantageous above all from a practical point of view. The most appreciated feature of this type of furniture is its durability. Thanks to the use of strong fibres that are resistant to wear, moisture and weather, polyester rugs are very durable and perfect for outdoor spaces in the home.

Being very durable and not prone to wear and tear, polyester rugs also require little maintenance. To keep the product in perfect condition, simply clean it regularly, vacuuming up dust or beating the carpet to remove dirt that has accumulated between the fibres. It is neither necessary to move the carpet to protect it from the sun nor to place the product in a shaded area, as rain, wind or sun will not damage its surface or colours.

Polyester rugs are also easy to clean because they are not prone to staining. Should a coloured substance, such as coffee or wine, fall onto the carpet, simply absorb the liquid and then wash the item with water and a mild detergent.

What are the cons of polyester rugs?

What are the polyester rugs pros and cons? Now is the time to present the cons. In particular, when considering the purchase of a carpet made of this material, it is really important to also take the cons into account.

Although polyester rugs resist the passage of time very well, in some cases the fibres may yellow. The problem arises especially if one is leaning towards purchasing a white or light-coloured carpet, while it is less noticeable if one chooses a dark piece.

If the polyester fibres are not knotted together as is the case with traditional hand-knotted rugs, but are glued to the base, it may happen that the structure begins to fray. Heavy use or prolonged friction can accelerate the process.

Although polyester rugs generally resist stains very well, they can still be damaged if they come into contact with oily substances or aggressive chemicals. These materials can penetrate the fibres and cause permanent stains or colour loss, almost irreparably damaging the product.

In other cases, polyester rugs can lose volume over time: as they flatten, the fibres become less soft and firm. This problem mainly affects tall items and is much less pronounced in the case of thinner or flat-weave rugs.

Finally, the cons of polyester rugs include the fact that they are made from synthetic yarns, which are not very sustainable from an environmental point of view. Even if the carpet were to be recycled at the end of its useful life, this kind of product would be less environmentally friendly than pieces made from natural materials.

Polyester rugs pros and cons

Beyond the polyester rugs pros and cons: how to choose the right models according to your furnishing needs?

Having talked about the polyester rugs pros and cons, we now look at how to make the right choice. Such pieces are the safest choice if the room to be furnished is exposed to the elements, be it sun, wind or rain. The carpet can also be left outdoors throughout the year without fear of it being damaged by prolonged weathering.

In order to be able to choose the right polyester carpet for the space to be furnished, it is first necessary to consider what identity you want to give the space. Based on this general indication, the most suitable colours and styles can be identified.

Aiming for polyester rugs in bright colours and eye-catching patterns can create a lively and joyful-looking outdoor environment, while moving towards pieces in neutral tones can create a more relaxing and harmonious ambience.

For a result that is even more in line with one’s own desires, one can consider asking for a made-to-measure carpet. In this case, it is possible to customise the dimensions of the product to the centimetre, so that it fits perfectly into the available space, but it is also possible to define the shape of the carpet, the pattern and the colours to be used. Thanks to the flexibility provided by customisation, you are able to make the most of the available area and have the carpet that fits perfectly in the home, whether it is a small balcony or a large garden.

Considering the polyester rugs pros and cons, one can get an idea of the convenience of this solution. Those who have no doubts about their choices can also consider natural alternatives to polyester rugs and, in particular, consider models made of coconut fibre, sisal or bamboo.

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