Rug over carpet bedroom: all the tips for a perfect solution

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Rug over carpet bedroom

Although at first sight the idea of placing a rug over carpet bedroommay seem bizarre, there are actually several occasions when it proves to be the right choice. This is great, for example, when you need to correct defects in the carpet or when you want to emphasise the design of the carpet and the comfort of the room.

In order to make the right choice, stylistic and practical aspects should be taken into account. We discuss this in this post, which is a real guide to juggling this particular detail of a furnishing project.

Why should you place a rug over carpet bedroom?

Using a rug over carpet bedroom makes the room even more comfortable and cosy. The combined presence of the carpet and a textile – or set of carpets – allows you to walk barefoot in the room while taking advantage of the softness of the surfaces.

Placing a carpet on top of the carpet also allows the carpet to protect it from wear and tear, or to cover small defects due to use.

Carpets and rugs together can also absorb noise and increase the sound insulation of the room. Especially if the room is frequented by children or is located close to rooms in the house where a good level of quiet is desired, it is a good idea to add a carpet over the carpet.

Finally, you can also decide to place a carpet on the carpet when you want to bring out the particular design of a product, whether it is a modern or a traditional model.

Rug over carpet bedroom

What do we need to pay attention to when placing a rug over carpet bedroom?

The main aspects to pay attention to when furnishing with a rug over carpet are related to the practical use of the individual piece and its aesthetics.

Taking the time to carefully choose which type of carpet to match with the carpet allows you to find the right combination to complete your bedroom furniture design. In this sense, it is important to focus particularly on the size of the carpet and its design.

It is important to ensure that the carpet does not cover the entire surface area of the carpet, but that a good balance is created between the two elements. Harmony between the carpet and the rug should also be sought in terms of colour and texture. Ideally, the contrast between the colour of the carpet and the textile should not be very pronounced.

To achieve an optimal result, it is also very important to select the right carpet material . In carpeted rooms, one usually opts for a piece made of wool, since this is a hypoallergenic material that is easy to clean.

The presence of carpet on the floor, in fact, increases the risk that dust will be deposited and therefore allergy sufferers will have health problems. Placing a woollen carpet on the floor reduces this risk and allows you to benefit from all the advantages that this interior design solution offers.

When you decide to place a rug over carpet bedroom, you should also make sure that the artefact is stable so that it does not fall or move. Especially if you choose to place the carpet as a bedside rug, it is advisable to opt for a non-slip mat or Velcro that secures the artefact to the carpet and does not move it.

Rug over carpet bedroom

The rug over carpet bedroom: how to choose the right piece?

When choosing which carpet to place over the carpet in the bedroom, one must consider that the carpet is, in many cases, the focal point of the room. Adding a carpet in such a context changes the overall balance of the room and requires some attention.

First of all, one must consider what type of textile product one wishes to purchase. One can opt for bedside rugs, which are small and do not steal the show from the carpet, or for a large rug to be placed under the bed and which also occupies the bedside area.

As far as shape is concerned, one can think of a large rectangular rug or perhaps dare with a round piece. Alternatively, you can think of requesting a made-to-measure rug  with an original shape: this last solution is particularly suitable if you want to bring the piece to the forefront and impress with an original choice.

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