Rugs with graphic patterns an original and distitive choice of furniture

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Rugs with graphic patterns an original and distitive choice of furniture

Rugs with graphic patterns represent an interesting opportunity for those who have to furnish some rooms of the house and want to consider alternatives to the traditional oriental rugs or to the plain coloured ones.

Thanks to the play of lines and colors, graphic rugs are a versatile solution that can create a fascinating environment. 

Discovering the furnishing capacity of rugs with graphic patterns

Within the range of rugs with a graphic design, we find models also very different from each other. They range from the simplicity of Berber rugs to the complexity of rugs with very elaborate geometric patterns

What all rugs with graphic patterns have in common is their ability to capture attention, thanks to the contrast between lines, geometric shapes and colors. The result is rugs that are able to act as a glue between the different components of the furniture and that help to tell the story of the environment in which they are inserted. 

Rugs with graphic patterns are suitable for many different styles of interior design. Depending on the colors and the way they are combined with furniture and accessories, graphic rugs can emphasize the eclectic spirit of the space, convey a sophisticated simplicity or evoke retro atmospheres. 

What is certain is that rugs with graphic patterns are suitable for rooms with a strong personality. Equally decisive must be the choice of furnishings, in order to bring out the characteristic design of these handmade creations.

Rugs with graphic patterns an original and distitive choice of furniture

When and how to decorate with one or more graphic rugs 

By resorting to rugs with a graphic design, you can enhance the different spaces of the house. The originality of graphic solutions allows you to bring out even the spaces that are considered difficult to furnish, such as corridors, entrance and bathrooms. 

Placing a rug in a hallway with a graphic pattern, with geometric lines or with an interweaving of sinuous lines, gives an idea of movement that helps give a strong personality to the space. The same discourse is valid for the bathroom. In this room of the house, the carpet often also has the task of bringing a little color, especially in the case of resorting to the use of tiles and white porcelain sanitary ware. This is also true when choosing furniture in light colors. 

Bedrooms are another space in the house where rugs with graphic patterns work very well. This kind of carpet stands out in a particular way when it is proposed in combination with light floors and walls or, on the contrary, when it is placed in a room in which dark tones prevail. The contrast between the floor, walls, furniture and colors present in the carpet gives a marked visual impact to the space and makes the graphic design of the artifact stand out to the maximum. 

The living area can also take on an irresistible look thanks to the use of rugs with geometric and graphic patterns. Rugs of this type work very well in both traditional living rooms and open-plan living areas, which are typical of contemporary homes. 

The versatility of graphic patterned rugs is such that they are able to adapt to a variety of decorating styles. In the set of styles that can be referred to, there are some that go ideally with this type of design. One example is the retro style, especially if in the decor you are inspired by the historical period between the sixties and eighties. Graphic rugs that recall that period make extensive use of optical design, the superimposition of geometric figures and fluorescent or bright colors, which give a special touch to the decor. 

Graphic rugs are also perfect in homes decorated in a maximalist style. The abundance of materials, decorations, colors and accessories is consistent with the impactful appearance of the characteristic patterns of this kind of carpet. 

Surprisingly, some graphic patterned rugs are also very viable options in Nordic and ethnic furnished spaces. Berber rugs, for example, are perfect in both cases. The contrast between the black and white wool and the decoration, which is both simple and refined, gives a truly unique look to the room.

Rugs with graphic patterns an original and distitive choice of furniture

The designs to be inspired to furnish your home with graphic rugs 

If you want to choose a graphic carpet for your home, in addition to the already mentioned Berber rugs and rugs with optical design typical of the sixties, seventies and eighties, you can be inspired by the creations of contemporary designers. 

The designers’ proposals include rugs with canonical shapes, but also pieces with more original characteristics, which can become the absolute protagonist of the furnishings. Thanks to these artifacts, it is also possible to renew the look of the room without resorting to a radical renovation. In short: rugs with graphic patterns are a real trump card, capable of brilliantly solving various problems related to the furnishing of luxurious spaces.

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