What a hand-knotted luxury rug looks like

Luxury rugs Oct 01.2021

What a hand-knotted luxury rug looks like

A hand-knotted luxury carpet immediately catches the eye because of its design, often elaborate and rich in detail, but it is underneath the surface of the carpet that the real secret of its beauty lies. The structure of this important element of home furnishing tells us about the way it is made. The magic has been repeating itself for centuries, whether it is an antique or a contemporary luxury carpet.

The steps involved in making a hand-knotted luxury carpet

A beautiful luxury carpet starts with a few simple elements. First of all, you need a loom on which to stretch the fibres that make up the warp of the carpet. Usually a cotton warp is used, or in some cases a wool warp.

Next, we need the fibres to be knotted individually around the warp threads to create the pattern of the carpet. Hand-knotted carpets have always been made from wool fibres that are hand-woven and hand-dyed, using pigments derived mainly from vegetable ingredients. There are also carpets made of silk, cotton or, more recently, synthetic materials.

In many cases the design is defined beforehand, combining colours and decorations, taking inspiration from the traditional designs used in the area where the carpet is made or choosing decorations that convey a precise symbolic meaning.

What makes the difference is the skill of the person responsible for the actual creation of the carpet. For many centuries, the task of making carpets has been entrusted to women, who have learned this art and handed down the craft from generation to generation.

To make a hand-knotted luxury carpet, it is necessary to know how to handle the fibres, recognise their quality and ensure the same level of knot tension across the entire surface of the carpet. The threads are knotted one by one around the warp to form the weft. The excess is cut off and the development of the pattern can be gradually observed. For these reasons, the processing of the carpet can take up to months and require millions of knots, the density of which depends on the thickness of the fibres and the knotting technique.

What a hand-knotted luxury rug looks like

What differentiates an antique hand-knotted luxury carpet from a contemporary one?

The technique used to make hand-knotted luxury carpets is the same, regardless of whether we are talking about a carpet that was made a few centuries ago or a contemporary carpet.

The main difference between these two products is the appearance of the carpet. In antique carpets, the design varies greatly depending on the area of production. The most famous luxury carpets are Persian carpets, which are made from very fine, high-quality wool fibres. The wool’s characteristics mean that the design of the carpet has a high degree of detail and that it is possible to create very unusual designs, rich in tiny decorations all over the surface of the carpet.

Contemporary carpets depart from tradition in their freer use of colours and decorative images. Thanks to the use of fibres coloured with natural or artificial dyes, it is possible to create carpets in any shade. There is also a great deal of freedom in the design of carpets, ranging from plain-coloured carpets to Oriental-inspired carpets, geometric patterns and large abstract designs.

Why furnish your home with a hand-knotted carpet?

Furnishing the rooms of your home with a hand-knotted carpet allows you to enrich your home with a unique handmade carpet. Hand-knotted carpets are unique, with small irregularities or imperfections that make the product even more valuable.

The craftsmanship also ensures a long life span of the carpet. Both carpets made with symmetrical knots (typical of the Turkish area) and those made with asymmetrical knots (traditional of Persia) have a compact structure that ensures a long life and high resistance to wear.

Choosing a luxury hand-knotted wool or silk carpet not only adds to the beauty of the room, but also allows you to live in a comfortable and safe environment, because they are made of hypoallergenic and easy-to-clean materials.

Completing the interior design of your home with a hand-knotted luxury carpet is the best solution for those who want to spend the day in a high-quality environment with a cosy and classy atmosphere.

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