What luxury carpet for the bedroom?

Luxury rugs Nov 06.2020

What luxury carpet for the bedroom?

Perhaps even more than the living area, the bedroom is the focal point of the house. It is the place from which a new day begins and where you leave behind the days that have passed. It is the place where our dreams come true and the place where you can breathe the warmest atmosphere in the whole house. All these aspects must be taken into account when choosing the right rug. The aim is to create furniture that matches the luxurious character of the rest of the house.

Furnish and warm the room with a luxury carpet!

A carpet fulfils more functions than it may appear. It decorates the room, of course, but at the same time it protects and enhances the floor, completes the furnishing by creating a perfect balance with furniture and accessories and warms the room, not only in a metaphorical sense. 

Choosing a luxury carpet for your bedroom helps to personalise this room of the house to the maximum. When the design, shape, colours and materials chosen match the furniture and bedding, it is a breathtaking sight. Everything is enhanced, giving a real touch of class to the space.

But let’s go into detail. Luxury carpets leave ample freedom in furnishing choices. The variety of models is such that endless combinations can be created, all equally harmonious. You can bring out the bright colours and the most original patterns by furnishing “by subtraction”, choosing bed linen and curtains in light shades or neutral colours. But you can also play with complementary colours and personalised palettes. In this way, curtains, paintings, cushions and sheets can take up the colours of the luxury carpet and convey the care and attention with which the project has been defined. 

The world of luxury bedroom carpets is all to be discovered

The master room, the children’s rooms and the guest room: each of these rooms in the house deserves a carpet that enhances it and is consistent with the atmosphere of the room itself. 

The position of the bed is perhaps the main aspect to be taken into consideration when choosing the rug for the room. Choosing a rug that covers the whole area occupied by the bed and the space at its sides is certainly the most traditional solution. And it is an excellent choice if you want to give the room a warm tone. Imagine how pleasant it can be to start the day with the enveloping feeling of softness that you feel when you put your feet on the carpet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get out of bed and receive a similar caress? 

There is usually enough room in the master bedroom to place a rug under the bed. In the other rooms of the house – for reasons of taste or space – you can make a different choice. 

In houses where there are children or teenagers, it is important to choose a carpet that combines decorative and functional requirements. Placing a rug large enough to cover the space adjacent to the bed and the play area in the room allows you to fully experience the room and turn every moment spent in the bedroom from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep into a pleasant moment. 

The guest room also deserves a carpet that is up to the prestige of the rest of the house. To furnish this room you can opt for a medium-large carpet, to be placed under the bed. Or you can decide for a carpet to be placed at the foot of the bed. If you take this second option, you can have fun with the shapes and sizes. 

Usually, for a matter of proportions, you choose a rug of the same shape as the room. But nobody forbids breaking the pattern. Putting a circular carpet in the guest room, for example, can make the room look bigger. It also gives a touch of originality, which will surely be appreciated by everyone. In the area covered by the carpet you can then create a small space, which will be dedicated to relaxation and reading. All you need is a comfortable armchair to sit on to read a good book and escape a bit from the routine, perhaps enjoying the view out of the window or a valuable painting hanging on the wall.

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