Mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury rug for your home

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Mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury rug for your homeChoosing the right carpet is crucial to giving your home a cosy and refined atmosphere. When it comes to choosing the right luxury carpet for your home, mistakes can be made that could compromise the final result. It is important to know the most common mistakes and how to prevent them, to make sure you give your family and guests only the best.

The right measurements make all the difference

Making the wrong carpet size is the most common mistake people make. You may choose a carpet that is too small for the room or, on the contrary, too large. In the first case, the result is a scattered and unfocused interior design, while in the second case, the risk is to convey a feeling of oppression and confusion.

The good news is that this is a mistake that with a little attention is easy to prevent. In order to find the right size of carpet, one must first of all understand the structure and intended use of the room in the house and, secondly, define where the luxury carpet will be placed.

If you have to choose a carpet for the living room, to be placed under the table, you need to make sure that the carpet covers the entire area occupied by the table and chairs. A common mistake is to choose a carpet that is too short, which does not allow the chairs to be moved away from the table. To overcome this problem, a space of at least 60 centimetres per side should be considered, to be added to the size of the table. If there is a round table in the room, a carpet that is twice the diameter of the table is a good approximation for calculating the size of the carpet.

A similar consideration should be made for carpets to be placed in the living room under the sofa. For best results, the carpet should be chosen in such a size that it is slightly larger than the entire area occupied by the sofa and possibly the armchairs. How much larger? Approximately 20 centimetres per side.

In the bedroom, on the other hand, the carpet should extend to the sides and foot of the mattress for at least 50 centimetres per side. This will ensure that the carpet covers the area where most people pass through and that it provides all the warmth when you go to sleep or when you wake up in the morning.

Choose the material of the rug according to the room

If the measurements have been taken correctly, the material of the luxury carpet may not have been chosen as well. Rather than relying on the appearance of the carpet, choosing the perfect model for your home requires you to consider how the space will be used. Placing a delicate silk carpet in a hallway is a mistake, because you risk damaging and wearing out the carpet quickly. It is also wrong to choose a long pile wool carpet in a small child’s room, as the fibres and thickness of the carpet can get in the way while walking or playing.

The perfect design is one that matches the rest of the furniture

When analysing the choice of carpet design, common mistakes include choosing a carpet with an identical pattern that is already present in other pieces of furniture, or making a prudent choice that falls back on neutral tones and extremely simple designs.

In the first case the risk is that the room will look too constructed and not very spontaneous. A carpet that looks like a sofa, curtains or wallpaper, instead of enhancing the design, has the opposite effect and does not enhance the carpet to the fullest.

Being too cautious, on the other hand, risks creating a somewhat anonymous and flat atmosphere, with the risk that the personality of the room is not developed properly.

In both cases, the solution is to choose a luxury rug with a design that complements that of the furniture and accessories chosen to furnish the room. Patterns and colours should be chosen to create a harmonious result that enhances the strengths of the room. Contemporary luxury carpets help to achieve this, thanks to the care with which they are made and the originality of the designers’ creations.

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