Furnishing with an oval rug: when the luxury rug takes on a refined form

Luxury rugs Feb 20.2022

Furnishing with an oval rug when the luxury rug takes on a refined form

The presence of an oval rug and, in particular, the characteristics of this specific piece of furniture can greatly change the look of a room.

When choosing the perfect rugs for a space, interior designers must work carefully and creatively to find the ideal solution for each project. Evaluating even the not-so-popular options, such as oval rugs, is important to ensure that you have made the right choice. With their unusual and delicate shape, elliptical rugs have interesting advantages, all to be considered. Let’s see what they are.

The benefits of decorating your home with oval rugs

A general rule that is usually referred to, when decorating with carpets, requires choosing an artifact that has the same shape as the room. Although this general rule has an important justification, because it allows you to maintain the proportions and a certain balance between the different pieces of furniture in the room, it is also true that there are situations in which it is worth transgressing.

Oval rugs are a good reason to break the basic rules of interior design. In fact, an oval rug can be placed without any problems both in a rectangular room and in a square space. Thanks to the absence of corners, the elliptical rug always looks in harmony with the room, regardless of its shape.

Unlike rectangular rugs, oval rugs take up less space and have a softer, cozier look. The absence of corners makes this piece of furniture less angular than rectangular or square models. The result is an environment that conveys openness and willingness to talk.

Oval rugs are also very versatile. Carpets of this shape can be used in different areas of the house and, thanks to the variety of patterns and materials, can also take on very different aspects. The possibilities of use of oval rugs are really numerous. In fact, they can be used to make a less formal environment decorated in a classic style or to break the rigorous design of Nordic style furniture. These are just a few of the many possible uses.

Furnishing with an oval rug when the luxury rug takes on a refined form

What spaces in the house to decorate with an oval-shaped carpet

The characteristics of oval rugs can be enhanced in different rooms of the house. You can choose to decorate with these artifacts the living area, focusing on the cozy look that these carpets have. Or you can use the originality of the oval shape to furnish spaces that sometimes present challenges for interior designers, as in the case of the bathroom or the entrance of the house.

In the living area, the oval rug can be proposed in combination with an equally oval dining table. The Tulip table by Saarinen, for example, is one of the most famous and appreciated design tables in the world. An oval rug succeeds in enhancing the original shape of the table and, at the same time, is strengthened by the combination with this piece of furniture, which is rightly considered an icon of interior design.

An oval rug can also be a good idea to create a cozy space dedicated to relaxation in the living room. In combination with sofas or a tea table, the elliptical rug creates a link between the different elements of the furniture and delimits the space in a refined and elegant way.

In the entrance area, the oval carpet has the function of welcoming guests and directing them to discover the other rooms of the house. A solution of this type is particularly indicated when you live in an open space. Or when you have to furnish the area that is located at the foot of a staircase.

In the bathroom of the house, however, the oval carpet can be the right choice to enhance the contemporary style of furniture and to move away from tradition. The choice clearly depends on the effect you want to achieve.

Furnishing with an oval rug when the luxury rug takes on a refined form

The real game is played on colors and patterns

The shape of the rug does a lot to define the style of a room, but colors and patterns are crucial to the success of the project.

Placing an oval rug with neutral colors in the living area of the house is a good idea to create a cozy space in which to enjoy the slow pace of the days. On the other hand, placing an oval rug with an abstract design and bright colors conveys energy and a desire for dynamism. Elaborate patterns and intense colors give the rug a strong personality and should be included in the decor only after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

Finding the right balance between the rugs and the furniture is essential to achieve a harmonious and pleasant result. Thanks to the soft shapes of the oval rugs, it is possible to create very interesting furnishing projects, even resorting to the use of custom-made rugs, based on the specific needs of interior design.

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