Modern ziegler rugs: what are their characteristics? How do they match the furniture in the specific room?

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Modern ziegler rugs

Modern ziegler rugs are an excellent example of how tradition and modernity can coexist in a furnishing product. The use of these textiles gives rooms in the home an original and elegant look, thanks to the presence of sophisticated decorations and delicate, natural colours.

The fact that Ziegler carpets also openly echo the salient characteristics of Persian carpets makes them ideal for classically furnished rooms, while the presence of elements typical of modern carpets makes them the perfect choice for rooms furnished in different styles.

What do you need to know about modern and non-modern ziegler rugs?

As a rule, Persian carpets take their name from the city in which they were produced. In the case of modern or more traditional Ziegler carpets, however, the origin of the name can be traced back to the company that began producing this type of carpet around the 19th century. In fact, the first Ziegler carpets were Persian carpets that had been slightly modified to suit the aesthetic taste and needs of European consumers.

After the closure of Ziegler & Co. at the beginning of the 20th century, they continued to be produced, made of wool and using the traditional hand-knotting system. Today, modern ziegler rugs are mainly produced in Pakistan and Afghanistan, using both Persian and Turkish knots.

One of the most characteristic features of Ziegler pieces is the antique effect of their surface. This is achieved by means of a special type of stone washing to which the carpet is subjected after knotting. This causes a loss of colour from the fibres and gives the artefact a certain unevenness, which makes each piece even more unique.

Taken together, modern ziegler rugs are the optimal choice for those who love the typical floral and detailed patterning of Persian carpets, but at the same time like a touch of modernity.

Modern ziegler rugs

What are the strengths of modern ziegler rugs?

Since their first appearance, Ziegler carpets have established themselves as carpets with a distinctly modern character. Drawing on the centuries-old Persian tradition, the Ziegler designs have sought to bring a touch of modernity without sacrificing the class and elegance of classical references.

The search for a balance between tradition and modernity is well expressed by the Double layer pink carpet, a limited edition model designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. This is a Ziegler carpet with an original design in which a layer of pink coloured circles is superimposed on the base, which is clearly Persian-inspired.

The design of this textile can be seen as a metaphor for modernity that overlaps the past or modernity that does not obscure the past, but rather draws from it and allows it to be glimpsed between its weaves.

The Double layer pink carpet is produced entirely by hand, in Afghan artisan workshops. For its production, a wool yarn was used and knotted around a cotton warp, using a Persian-type knot.

Modern ziegler rugs

How to furnish your home with a modern Ziegler carpet?

When you are considering which type of carpet to use for your interior design project, you should bear in mind that modern ziegler rugs generally have lighter colours and less eye-catching patterns than typical Persian carpets. This is due both to the use of yarns dyed in softer colours and to the effect of washing.

Often, Ziegler carpets are made in neutral colours such as beige, creamy white and cream. In the more colourful models, there are usually green, red or blue elements. The effect of Ziegler carpets with decorations in pastel colours such as yellow, light green or pink is very interesting.

Thanks to their softer, more delicate colours, modern ziegler rugs are suitable for furnishing many different rooms in the home. The rectangular shaped models are perfect for completing the décor of an elegant living room, while those with a more original design, such as the Double layer pink model, can be a wonderful idea to make the décor of the bedroom unique. On the other hand, narrow and long products are excellent solutions for adding colour to a hallway and, at the same time, protecting the floor from the continuous passage of people.

Generally speaking, modern ziegler rugs can go well with both classic style furniture and more contemporary design furniture. Models with a beige background, for example, are a good choice if you want to add personality to a Scandinavian or Japandi interior. The different decorative elements of the carpet can be made to stand out by inserting furnishing accessories that recall the colour, such as textiles that pick up on the shade used for the floral decorations or lamps in the same colour as the nuances on the outer edge of the carpet.

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