Custom commercial rugs: how to make the right choice?

custom rugs Aug 22.2022
Custom commercial rugs: how to make the right choice?

For stores, hotels and offices, carpets play a vital role. In addition to being an important element of the furniture, they are also indispensable for their functionality and decorative power. Added to all these benefits is the fact that they prove to be valuable marketing tools, useful for striking attention and enhancing the experience of one’s customers.

For all these reasons, it is important to choose excellent custom commercial rugs. In the remainder of the article, we will give the most suitable advice for making the right choice of the right artifact on a case-by-case basis.

The main advantages of using custom commercial rugs

Luxury rug is a central element in interior design, including in commercial settings. When people think of carpets, they immediately pause to consider their appearance, which, while important, is not the most obvious benefit from their use.

In a hotel, office or store, the fine carpet is also useful in protecting the floor, especially in rooms that accommodate many people. In addition, the surface of the carpet is safe and stable for those entering the commercial space, ensuring an excellent experience. These are, as is evident, really very important benefits, making the luxury rug a very functional element of the furniture that cannot be renounced.

In these environments, the carpet often also becomes a tool through which to advertise the business. This is especially true when carpets placed at the entrance of the store are used or when custom-made carpets bearing the logo of the business are requested.

Refined design and the use of comfortable materials make custom commercial rugs perfect artifacts for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Depending on the structure of the space to be furnished, the rug can be used to draw the public’s attention, to soften the look of the décor, or to emphasize specific aspects of the interior design project.

Custom commercial rugs: how to make the right choice?

How to furnish commercial spaces with custom-made rugs?

Commercial spaces that can benefit from the presence of a custom-made rug are the most varied. In order to make the right choices, it is necessary to consider the particularities of each and assess the type of audience you want to attract and the functions this element of the furniture should perform.

In boutiques, jewelry stores, and stores in general, it may be useful to place a custom commercial rug at the entrance to the store. In this location, the custom rug will serve to attract customers, welcome them inside the store, and at the same time, retain dust and dirt coming from outside.

Luxury rugs placed at the entrance of a commercial space are crucial in defining people’s first impression of the store. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a custom-made model made specifically for the space’s décor, made in the brand colors and perhaps even bearing the logo.

In spaces such as offices or hotels, custom carpets are most often found indoors. In these types of commercial spaces, the artifacts help convey the personality and values of the brand and build a distinct identity in the minds of customers. Through rugs, too, one can give the impression of being competent and authoritative or bright and witty.

Even more than in the domestic sphere, in decorating commercial spaces it is important to define the style to be followed and the message one wants to give to those who come into contact with the brand.

Custom commercial rugs: how to make the right choice?

How to use your custom commercial rugs?

Being able to customize the different characteristics of carpets allows you to obtain models that are perfect for the space to be furnished and capable of responding adequately to your needs.

Ordering custom commercial rugs means receiving models of the shape most congenial to the particularities of your commercial space and defining the perfect size for the room. By resorting to customizable carpets, it is possible to request the creation of models with irregular and unusual shapes or models of a particular format.

Of course, when resorting to customization you can choose what design the rug will have and in what colors it will be made. One can opt for a rug that is in some ways more institutional, proposing a pattern in the colors and with the company logo, or choose a decorative pattern, choosing a style that reflects the identity of the brand.

Finally, with regard to materials, it is necessary to consider that custom commercial rugs must withstand high volumes of traffic. For this reason, it is preferable to choose rugs made of wool or durable materials such as jute and cotton. These fibers not only provide excellent levels of durability and are suitable for a wide variety of commercial spaces, but are also easy to maintain and clean.

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