Custom rug manufacturers: who are they? How to identify them?

Materials and techniques May 16.2023
Custom rug manufacturers

Entrusting the creation of carpets for use in the home to custom rug manufacturersensures that you get exclusive and unique products. The skills and abilities of these manufacturers ensure that you get carpets that perfectly match your customers’ needs and tastes.

While mass-produced carpets often have a standardised design, limited options and fail to fully meet people’s furnishing needs, deciding on custom rug manufacturers is a good idea to obtain a piece that reflects one’s choices in terms of design, colours and dimensions.

Who are custom rug manufacturers?

Custom rug manufacturers are skilled craftsmen who work with passion and dedication to create unique and valuable pieces. These professionals are mainly found in Asia, where carpet production has a centuries-long history .

In particular, the best carpet manufacturers are in Iran, ancient Persia, but there are also excellent workshops in Turkey, India and other neighbouring countries. These territories have always been famous for the production of Oriental carpets of the highest quality. For centuries, workshops have been handing down the production secrets of this fascinating art from generation to generation.

The artisans employed in the production of handmade customised carpets know the techniques to perfection, resulting in a product of the highest quality and durability.

The most widespread and oldest technique is knotting . This is a workmanship that requires great commitment and manual skill. Each carpet requires a variable number of knots depending on the size of the product and its specific characteristics, such as the type of yarn used or its shape.

Other processing techniques can also be used when a customised carpet is required. For example, by turning to craftsmen skilled in carpet tafting, one can obtain very soft and resistant carpets, made using special looms and automatic guns.

Finally, one can turn to artisan workshops specialised in carpet weaving. In this case, the processing by custom rug manufacturersis similar to that adopted for the creation of tapestries. The individual textile artefact is created by weaving the fibres in a loom and gradually composing the final design.

What is the process followed by custom rug manufacturers?

The process that leads to the creation of custom-made carpets can take more or less time depending on the type of product to be obtained. The work of custom rug manufacturers is divided into several stages, all of which are essential in order to obtain a high-quality product.

The work begins with the selection of the yarns to be used in the production of the carpets and their dyeing. Various materials can be used in the production of carpets: the most common is wool, but silk is also frequently used, especially in the most sought-after luxury carpets, cotton, jute and hemp. In general, all yarns that are easy to knot and weave are suitable for use in the production of handmade carpets.

Once the material to be used in the production of the carpet has been selected, the next step is the dyeing of the fibres. Colours obtained from plants, flowers and other natural colouring substances are generally used to dye the fabrics.

The dyed fibres are then knotted, woven or fixed to the base to obtain the pattern decided by the designer. The process can take a few hours for smaller, plain-coloured carpets, up to several months for larger carpets with very elaborate designs.

Custom rug manufacturers

What are the advantages of using an experienced manufacturer?

Turning to a custom-made carpet manufacturer allows you to receive a product of the highest quality, made using high-value production techniques and materials. The value of the carpet lies both in the use of valuable raw materials and in the fact that these products are the result of the experience and skills of particularly experienced craftsmen.

Each stage of the production process is carefully and attentively followed, guaranteeing a unique product that can enhance the d├ęcor of any room.

Often, turning to custom rug manufacturers who are truly specialised also guarantees ethical workmanship. This means that the production process is environmentally and socially sustainable. Finally, tailor-made work makes it possible to obtain a uniquely designed product that perfectly suits one’s furnishing needs. Being able to customise the size, colour, pattern and shape of the carpet helps to maximise the interior design of rooms, creating a refined and harmonious ambience.

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