Why choose to decorate your home with a wall rug?

DesignLuxury rugs Mar 29.2021

Why choose to decorate your home with a wall rug?Using textiles to decorate walls is an old tradition that is making a comeback. Tapestries and rugs have been used for centuries to embellish rooms and have been appreciated from time to time for their ability to decorate rooms or for their insulating function. Today, wall-to-wall rugs mainly serve a decorative function and are seen as an alternative to paintings and works of art. But there are other advantages of wall-to-wall carpets to discover.

The carpet as you have (almost) never seen it before

When you think of carpets, it is natural to imagine them lying on the floor, filling the room with colour and style – either on their own or in combination with some furniture. Rarely do we think of wall-to-wall carpets, and yet these textile masterpieces manage to furnish rooms in a full and original way, even when we reverse the perspective from which we usually look at them and hang them on the wall.

The wallcovering is a valid alternative to wallpapers, but also to pictures which are naturally used to “fill” and decorate the walls of the room. From a certain point of view, carpets can be seen as a different artistic expression. Not only do they bring value and colour to the room in the same way that paintings can, but they also warm the atmosphere and give the home a personal and intimate touch.

Choosing not to relegate luxury carpets to the floors but to ‘elevate’ them to the walls is a good idea to emphasise their nature as a contemporary work of art. Placing them on the walls of the house allows you to make the most of their design and give uniqueness to the room.

It should also be considered that when placed on the wall, the carpet will last longer because it is less likely to stain or be damaged by wear and tear. Especially for more delicate models, made with special processing techniques or with materials that are not very resistant, such as silk, this solution allows you to preserve the quality and increase the value of the carpet over time.

What type of rug to choose for wall decoration

Silk carpets are particularly suitable for use as wall decoration. This is due to their lightness, which makes them easy to fix to the wall, and the effect that the use of silk fibres gives to the design. The lustre of the fibres and their reaction to variations in light make the colours vivid and ensure that the design never looks the same.

Wall-to-wall carpets can be used to liven up and decorate every room in the house, from the entrance area to the living room, via the bedroom and hallways. Before choosing the type of rug to hang, you need to consider the characteristics of the space to be furnished, especially taking into account its size.

Evaluating the proportion between the overall space and the space occupied by the carpet is even more important than when placing the carpet on the floor. It is preferable not to take up all the space with the carpet, to avoid a suffocating effect.

Small carpets are therefore ideal as wall carpets. These can be standard rectangular carpets or round carpets. Traditional prayer rugs can also be used to decorate a wall in the house and give a very specific character to the room.

Wall-mounted carpets are the most natural choice for luxury designer carpets. We are talking about carpets where the creative component is predominant, works of art that use original materials and styles to create something unique.

Ethnic carpets also work very well as wall décor solutions. When they are placed on the wall, the details of oriental carpets, their ornate borders, and the refinement of the patterns can be appreciated to the fullest.

In order to appreciate the beauty of the rug without damaging it, it is important to pay attention to how it is laid. The most delicate and valuable carpets can be protected by plexiglass sheets. In other cases, the carpet can be fixed to the wall with Velcro. Whatever the final decision is, placing carpets on the wall allows you to fully admire the beauty of the work, appreciating the nuances of colour and design details from multiple angles.

Make an unusual choice for your home and choose to complete the furnishings with a luxury wall carpet, a unique work of art of great artistic value that will give particular prestige to the environment and will acquire value over time.

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