Iconic rugs: how are they made? What history do they have? Why include them in a furnishing project?

DesignLuxury rugs Jun 02.2024
Iconic rugs

When we speak of iconic rugs, we are referring to true masterpieces of textile manufacture. Just as it happens in haute couture, where clothes are enriched with meaning thanks to their originality and the craftsmanship with which they are made, so it happens in the world of designer rugs.

As we have just said, an iconic carpet is not just an accessory for the home, it is a statement of style and elegance. Its speciality lies in its original and unusual design, which catches the eye and adds character to any environment, be it home or commercial.

What makes an iconic carpet?

The best designers who design luxury rugs know how to use materials with a mastery reminiscent of the great fashion designers. Wool, silk, cotton and natural fibres, but also more original and unusual materials, such as metal, are carefully chosen and often combined in innovative ways to create unique textures and finishes. In-depth knowledge of weaving techniques, ranging from traditional hand knotting  to more modern techniques using mechanised looms, ensures that each piece is made with great precision and equal attention to detail.

Just like a haute couture garment, an iconic carpet is the result of a perfect balance between creativity and technical expertise. Every knot, every thread, every detail is designed to create a work of art that is designed not only to fit within the décor of a room, but also to become its focal point. Investing in a designer carpet means bringing into your home a piece of history, culture and style, more generally a symbol of excellence that transcends passing fashions.

Some examples of iconic rugs

When it comes to iconic rugs, the Nodus collection offers extraordinary examples of how design can transform a simple textile artefact into an authentic work of art. Nodus, renowned for its collaboration with some of the world’s most talented and famous designers, creates unique pieces that embody innovation and excellent craftsmanship.

An example of this is the ‘Dream Island 1’ carpet  designed by Luca Nichetto. This limited edition piece surprises with its original design, which reproduces a kind of oblique and irregular ring. Handmade in Nepal from high-quality wool, ‘Dream Island 1’ is a perfect example of how technical mastery and a deeply evocative concept can coexist.

Another example of iconic rugs is the ‘Savage Flowers’ line by Kiki van Eijk, for example the ‘Memories’ pattern. This carpet series, made from an original mix of fibres, is inspired by traditional flower pictures and reproduces them in an original way. On the linen background, we thus find coloured flowers made of silk, banana silk and bamboo silk. Delicate and solid at the same time, these floral rugs are perfect for decorating the floors as well as the walls of a home or office.

Iconic rugs

These seemingly distant examples demonstrate how iconic rugs manage to combine innovative design and craftsmanship, resulting in artefacts that not only enrich living spaces but also become true collectors’ items.

How to use iconic rugs in interior design?

Integrating iconic rugs into an interior design project requires a great deal of attention in order to make the most of these unique pieces. The first step, if you decide to furnish with an iconic carpet, is to find the right balance between the design of the individual piece and the style and design of the furniture already present in the location.

A carpet considered iconic often has a bold and complex design, and can become the focal point of a minimalist room, adding character and depth. Conversely, in a room that is already rich in detail, it is preferable to go for an iconic carpet with a more understated look. In this case, you can still benefit from the high quality of the product without overloading the space.

Knowing how to enhance such an important carpet also means being able to choose its location carefully. Deciding whether to place it on the floor or on the wall can make a big difference. How so? A wall-hung carpet becomes a work of art, attracts attention visually and prevents the piece from wear and tear due to treading.

In conclusion, we can say that incorporating iconic rugs into the interior design of a work or home space requires a holistic view, combining aesthetics with functionality. Knowing how to balance the design of the carpet with the furnishings, choosing the right placement and carefully evaluating the properties of the individual piece makes it possible to create harmonious and refined environments in which the different elements reinforce each other.

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